Tetsuya Dedachi 出立哲也

Conference Speaker & Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Raising Children in the Context of Outreach” My wife and I both came to Christ as young adults and were married, without the benefit of growing up in a Christian home. We raised our children as we served the Lord, doing the work of evangelism. I would like … Read more

Mitch Yokoi

Conference Speaker & Seminar Presenter Seminar Topic: “Becoming a Better Communicator” 「コミュニケーション上手な人がやっていること 」 Are you afraid of meeting new people? Have trouble keeping a conversation going? We’ll learn about ways to become better communicators because communication is crucial in all aspects of life – at school, at home, at work, and most importantly, in sharing … Read more

John Houlette

Pre-Conference speaker John Houlette ヒューレット ジョン Bio: I came to faith in Christ while attending a Japanese university, and later sensed God’s call to full-time ministry while serving there as a short-term missionary. I studied at Sophia University, received my BA from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and an MA in Missiology from Fuller seminary. Later … Read more

Mary Esther & Mark Penner

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Why a Japanese Sign Language (JSL) Bible?” 「なぜ日本手話の聖書が必要なのか?」 “Can’t the Deaf read and understand the Japanese Bible?” It’s a good question, and one asked quite often. Japanese, and Japanese Sign Language are two very different languages. The Japanese hearing and the Japanese Deaf cultures have unique distinctives. Come join us in … Read more

Setsu Shimizu 清水 摂

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Returnees Ministry: What you can do now and its vision and possibilities” 「帰国者ミニストー」 We share Christ here in the U.S. with students/businessmen/family and they will eventually return to Japan. What can you do to prepare them as new believers or seekers? How can you connect them with churches and the body … Read more

Tim Ingle

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “First Level ~ The Path to the Reunion with God” 「ファーストレベル: 再会への道」 What is the reason for the hope that is in you?” (1 Peter 3:15) Perhaps you are ready to share your faith and testimony at all times, perhaps you are unsure of how to do this and the idea … Read more

Izumi Araki 荒木 泉

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Beauty and hope… meeting God through art within the community” 「美と希望・・・アートを通して共に神と出会う」 In Japanese aesthetics, there is “ma” (in betweenness). How is this cultural aspect helping Japanese to see God? The word טוֹב contains the meaning of beauty. Then how could the Japanese see the Gospel through beauty and making? Would it … Read more

Rich McLaughlin

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Leading Like Jesus as we reach out to the Japanese” 「日本人に伝えながら、イエスのようにリードする」 Looking closer at the greatest leadership model of all time: Jesus. Anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of others, you are taking on the role of a leader. Why do we lead? What are we thinking? … Read more

Satoru Nakanishi 中西 覚

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Bushido, ‘the Soul of Japan’” 「武士道を考えよう」 Have you ever wondered why elderly Japanese people don’t smile in photos? Why are Sumo wrestlers advised not to show strong emotions? How come exchanging business cards is so important in Japanese business? What is the basis of Japanese politeness and ethics? The answers lie … Read more

Randy Loubier

Seminar Presenter Seminar Title: “Japanese Faith – A Paul-in-Athens Approach” 「日本人の信仰 – アテネのパウロのアプローチ」 Have we made Christianity a “foreign faith” to the Japanese? Before his salvation, Pastor Randy also thought of Christianity as foreign, superstitious, and inferior to his views. He often ponders what it would have taken to get him curious. What will it … Read more