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Seminar Presenters:

Melanie Ching: RJC with Gospel Hula and Gospel Music

Makoto Fukuda

Randy Gilmore The Gospel Story-Arc Part 1 

       Part 2

Yumi Ikeda 霊の旅路に寄り添う:メンタリングと牧会ケアカウンセリング

Yuichiro Inatomi「弟子としなさい」を考えてみましょう  Let’s Consider Together, What It Is To “Make Disciples”

Mark Joseph: How Media Creators and Missionaries Can Work Hand in Hand

Tetsuo  Kagiwada: “Wa” in Japanese Society

Michito Kasagawa: New Wine, New Wineskins: A Case of Sports Ministry

Noritaka Kunisawa: A Thinking Church, 考える教会」

Bruce Lyman: ESL: Old Door to a New Japanese Heart

Richard McLaughlin: How Can We Seek Revival In Japan?

Richard Nakamura: Spiritual Realities In Japan

Mick Okubo:「失った悲しみからの回復」” Recovering From Grief” 

Andy Game: Vision 2020 Better Together

Setsu Shimizu: How To Help Prepare Your Friends For A Life Back In Japan As A Follower Of Christ

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