March 2-4, 2023

International Conference

La Habra, California, USA

The 2024 International Conference has been postponed to the Fall of 2024.
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The Next Reaching Japanese for Christ International Conference will be held on March 2-4, 2023 in La Habra, California, USA. With speakers and attendees from around the world, this is an annual event that you don’t want to miss.

RJC provides several different conference opportunities. The International RJC Conference takes place yearly at different locations around the USA, Canada and Japan. One day conferences, or mini-conferences, also provide events that network more regional ministries.

Whether you are new to all things Japanese or have lived there your whole life, the RJC International conference is for you! Every conference has something for all levels of experience and covers a variety of interests/focus areas.

Don’t just come to receive, but come to share what you have! We want to learn how the Lord is leading you, what resources you are finding effective, how you have been navigating your ministry work and what connections you are bringing. Networking and sharing experiences is the #1 thing that attendees say they appreciate most about the conference.

What is an International Conference Like?

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What to Expect

Networking Opportunities

Current and past missionaries, instructors, organization leaders, Japanese pastors, ministry leaders, normal folks like you.

Mentoring & Roundtables

One on one coaching and mentoring from experienced individuals on a number of practical topics as well as various roundtable discussions.

Practical Topics & Qualified Speakers

Presenters come from around the world to share their experience and expertise in main session presentations as well as smaller workshops.

2023 Conference Speakers

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Tetsuya Dedachi 出立哲也

Tetsuya Dedachi 出立哲也

Conference Speaker & Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Raising Children in the Context of Outreach”

My wife and I both came to Christ as young adults and were married, without the benefit of growing up in a Christian home. We raised our children as we served the Lord, doing the work of evangelism. I would like to share the struggles and joy we experienced while raising our children in those contexts. I hope this seminar will be an encouragement to you, as we share each other’s stories and experiences.

The two, with no experience of growing up in a Christian home, married in their youth in faith, share the joys and joys they experience while raising children while serving the evangelical mission. I hope it will be a seminar that will encourage each other while sharing their experiences and testimonies.

Tetsuya Dedachi 出立哲也:

Tetsuya was born in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, in 1972. As a senior in high school, he read Ayako Miura’s book, Shiokari Pass, and began seeking God. During his first year of university, he was led to church and was baptized. After having worked as a company employee, he studied at Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary. Currently, he serves as pastor of Oyumino Christian Church (Presbyterian Church in Japan) in Chiba City. He is married to Midori. They have 8 children (3 boys, 5 girls) and one dog.







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Mitch Yokoi

Mitch Yokoi

Conference Speaker & Seminar Presenter

Seminar Topic: “Becoming a Better Communicator” 「コミュニケーション上手な人がやっていること 」

Are you afraid of meeting new people? Have trouble keeping a conversation going? We’ll learn about ways to become better communicators because communication is crucial in all aspects of life – at school, at home, at work, and most importantly, in sharing Christ with those God places in our lives.


Mitch Yokoi ヨコイ ミチツグ:

I was born in Tokyo, and grew up in a pastor’s household in Portland, Oregon. I graduated from seminary in 2004 and served as an associate pastor while working full-time with international students in the business/education world. I then spent 9 years living in Japan as a returnee (sort of), and came back to Oregon in 2018 to be pastor of Japanese International Baptist Church (JIBC), where I serve now. I’m married and have 3 daughters, and love all sports.

私は東京生まれで、オレゴン州ポートランドの牧師家庭で育ちました。2004年に神学校を卒業し、その後副牧師として奉仕しながら、フルタイムでビジネス/教育の世界で留学生の間で働きました。そして9年間日本で帰国者(のような)として生活をし、2018年にオレゴンに戻り、日本インターナショナル・バプテスト教会 (JIBC) の牧師として仕えて、今にいたります。私は結婚して、娘3人がいます。そしてスポーツは全部好きです。

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John Houlette

John Houlette

Pre-Conference speaker

John Houlette ヒューレット ジョン Bio:

I came to faith in Christ while attending a Japanese university, and later sensed God’s call to full-time ministry while serving there as a short-term missionary. I studied at Sophia University, received my BA from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and an MA in Missiology from Fuller seminary. Later I completed a Doctor of Ministry degree at Bethel University, focusing on Family and Congregational Care. I am a certified coach, Prepare-Enrich marriage counseling facilitator, and a disaster response chaplain. After planting three churches in the Greater Tokyo area, I was the Japan Baptist Fellowship executive field leader. In 2011 I launched Three Stream Ministries, which provides clergy care resources and church consulting.

My hobbies include road biking, running, and playing percussion instruments. My wife Eriko and I have served with WorldVenture and Asian Access since 1983.

Books published:
-Stillness Tools. Three Stream Ministries, 2012.
-Resilience: How Japanese Pastors Can Thrive in Every Season of Life. Kindle Books, 2020.

学生時代日本で救われ、 短期宣教師の時に献身。上智大学国際学部で学び、ミドルベリー国際学院モントレー校で学士課程、フラー神学校で宣教学修士課程、ベテル神学校で会衆とファミリーケアの牧会学博士号を取得。コーチング、結婚カウンセリングの資格を持つ。災害対応チャプレン。三つの教会開拓をした後、保守バプテスト日本宣教団の代表役員として務めた。2011年から川ミニ ストリーを立ち上げる。牧師のためのケア、教会の ためのコンサルティングを提供する。趣味は自転車、ジョギングと パーカッション。 妻えり子と一緒に1983年からワールドベンチャーとアジアンアクセスを通して奉仕をさせていただきました。

牧師のレジリエンス: 逆境でも燃え尽きない再起力』いのちのことば社、2021。

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Mary Esther & Mark Penner

Mary Esther & Mark Penner

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Why a Japanese Sign Language (JSL) Bible?” 「なぜ日本手話の聖書が必要なのか?」

“Can’t the Deaf read and understand the Japanese Bible?” It’s a good question, and one asked quite often. Japanese, and Japanese Sign Language are two very different languages. The Japanese hearing and the Japanese Deaf cultures have unique distinctives. Come join us in exploring the cultural differences, the linguistic gulf, and what Japanese Deaf people have to say about having a Bible in their heart language. Come see what is happening to give the Japanese Deaf community access to God’s Word in their own language, and learn how you can be a part!


Mary Esther & Mark Penner メアリーエスター&マーク ペナー:

Mark and Mary Esther Penner both grew up in Japan as children of missionaries, Mark in Tohoku and Mary Esther in Kanto. As adults they returned to Japan with WorldVenture and worked in the Deaf community for 36 years, mostly in sign language Bible translation. They relocated to northern California where Mary Esther continues to work as a WorldVenture missionary in non-linguistic support for sign language projects. Mark works for United Bible Societies as a project support consultant for Sign Language Bible translations for Japan and as well as other countries.



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Setsu Shimizu 清水 摂

Setsu Shimizu 清水 摂

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Returnees Ministry: What you can do now and its vision and possibilities” 「帰国者ミニストー」

We share Christ here in the U.S. with students/businessmen/family and they will eventually return to Japan. What can you do to prepare them as new believers or seekers? How can you connect them with churches and the body of Christ in Japan? What is the vision of the returnees ministry? Let us have a bigger picture that God is trying to show so that we will receive motivation for this ministry from the Lord.

Setsu Shimizu 清水 摂:

Setsu was born and raised in a pastor’s family in Kishiwada, Osaka, She confessed faith in Jesus at the age of 10 and wanted to devote herself to serve the Lord, but until she graduated from college, her actions did not reflect her faith. From the time she was 15 years old and her family moved to Hawaii. She rededicated herself to the Lord during Urbana 90, went on to study at Fuller Seminary and was led to JCFN where she has been a full-time staff worker since 1994. She loves to hang out with students that is her secret to keep herself young. She enjoys serving the Lord with her husband, Mao.

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Tim Ingle

Tim Ingle

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “First Level ~ The Path to the Reunion with God” 「ファーストレベル: 再会への道」

What is the reason for the hope that is in you?” (1 Peter 3:15) Perhaps you are ready to share your faith and testimony at all times, perhaps you are unsure of how to do this and the idea makes you nervous. When you are asked about your hope by a Japanese seeker, do you know how to respond in such a way that that person will understand well and see how they too can find hope in Christ? Please join this workshop where we will cover using the tool, First Level, as the structure on which to share your testimony of faith in a Japanese way.

「どうしてあなたには希望があるのですか?」 と問われたら、みなさんはご自分の信仰と証しを分かち合う準備をされているかもしれませんし、あるいは、どのように福音を伝えたら良いか分からず戸惑いがあるかもしれません。日本人の求道者にあなたが持つ希望について尋ねられたとき、その人が理解でき、キリストに希望を見出すために、どのように応答すればよいでしょうか。このワークショップでは、「ファーストレベル」というツールを使って、あなたの信仰の証を日本人に分かりやすく伝えることを共に学びます。

Tim Ingle ティム イングル:

Tim Ingle lives in Orlando, FL with his wife and two kids. He has a BFA in Animation from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a MA in Communications: Media, Faith and Culture from Regent University (VA). He has over twenty years of experience in media and animation production and has used these skills in ministry to Japan since 2004. He has served with Second Level since 2018, where he produced the Award-nominated First Level animated series “Washi Gospel.”


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Izumi Araki 荒木 泉

Izumi Araki 荒木 泉

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Beauty and hope… meeting God through art within the community” 「美と希望・・・アートを通して共に神と出会う」

In Japanese aesthetics, there is “ma” (in betweenness). How is this cultural aspect helping Japanese to see God? The word טוֹב contains the meaning of beauty. Then how could the Japanese see the Gospel through beauty and making? Would it be possible to see God’s fingerprint within Japanese authenticity? In this seminar we will look into the relationship between art, Gospel, and the possibility of evangelism to Japanese people.


Izumi Araki 荒木 泉:

Izumi Araki was born in Hokkaido Japan. She became Christian when she was 10 years old out of a non-Christian family. She started to weave at 7 years old and properly trained as a weaver when she was 19 years old. She went to Art college in the UK and had apprenticeship there with both Spinning, Weaving, and Natural Dye there. Following that, she studied Theology through Art and Spiritual Formation at Regent College in Vancouver. Currently, she works as VP International at ISMC (International Student Ministries Canada) as well as a member of POIEO as an artist as well as a trained Spiritual Director.


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Rich McLaughlin

Rich McLaughlin

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Leading Like Jesus as we reach out to the Japanese” 「日本人に伝えながら、イエスのようにリードする」

Looking closer at the greatest leadership model of all time: Jesus.

Anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of others, you are taking on the role of a leader. Why do we lead? What are we thinking? What are we doing? How do we stay on track? What can we learn by taking a closer look at Jesus in each of these areas, especially as we reach out to the Japanese? Please come and see…

史上最も偉大なリーダーシップのモデル、イエス様に近づいてみましょう。他の人の思考、行動、成長に影響を与えようとするとき、あなたは常にリーダーの役割を担っています。 なぜ、私たちは導くのでしょう? 私たちは何を考えているのでしょう? 私たちは何をしているのでしょう? どうすれば軌道に乗るのでしょう? 特に日本人に伝えるとき、これらの各領域でイエスをよく見ることによって、私たちは何を学ぶことができるでしょうか。 是非、お越しください。

Rich McLaughlinリッチ マクラフリン:

Dr. Rich McLaughlin is married to April, and they have three adult daughters.

He studied at the University of Notre Dame, Moody Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Talbot School of Theology. His PhD research explored the 1995 Wheaton College Revival from theological and educational points of view. Across his ministry career, Rich has served in the local church, with church planting efforts, as Trinity International University’s (TIU) Director of Student Ministries, as a cross-cultural missionary in Japan, and with TIU Online teaching courses in the Christian Ministries and Leadership Departments. In the local church, his roles have been Pastor of Student Ministries and Administration, Pastor of Family and Children’s Ministries, and Executive Interim Minister. Rich presently serves as Senior Pastor at Lakeside Church of Chicago in Skokie, Illinois. In recent years, Rich has also invested time with the organization called “Lead Like Jesus” (LLJ) and serves as the Interim LLJ Japan National Director. This seminar is drawn from the LLJ training materials.

リッチ・マクラフリン博士には、妻、エイプリルと成人した3人の娘がいます。氏はノートルダム大学、ムーディー神学校、トリニティ福音神学校、タルボット神学校で学び、博士課程では、1995年のウィートン・カレッジのリバイバルを神学的、教育的観点から研究しまいした。地域教会、教会開拓、トリニティ国際大学(TIU)学生宣教部長、日本における異文化宣教、TIUオンラインのキリスト教宣教学科とリーダーシップ学科での講義など、様々な分野で奉仕。 地域教会では、学生宣教・管理担当牧師、家族・子ども宣教担当牧師、暫定実務ミニスターなどを歴任。 現在は、イリノイ州スコーキーのレイクサイド・チャーチ・オブ・シカゴで主任牧師を務めています。近年は、Lead Like Jesus (LLJ)という団体にも参加し、LLJ日本代表の暫定ディレクターを務めています。このセミナーは、LLJのトレーニング教材から抜粋しています。

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Satoru Nakanishi 中西 覚

Satoru Nakanishi 中西 覚

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Bushido, ‘the Soul of Japan’” 「武士道を考えよう」

Have you ever wondered why elderly Japanese people don’t smile in photos?
Why are Sumo wrestlers advised not to show strong emotions?
How come exchanging business cards is so important in Japanese business?
What is the basis of Japanese politeness and ethics?
The answers lie in Bushido; the Samurai way of life. Its influence on the Japanese culture, ethics, and thoughts is immense even today. This seminar introduces the concept of Bushido, and explores the possibilities of making Bushido a ‘friend’ to the Gospel, especially when it comes to discipling Japanese Christians.


Satoru Nakanishi 中西 覚:

Satoru Nakanishi is Pastor of Japanese Presbyterian Church of Seattle.

A Native of Japan, Satoru grew up in an anti-religious family. He met Christians for the first time at the age of 17 in Yokohama, and started to attend a Bible study. While attending Judson University in the suburb of Chicago, Satoru committed his life to Christ. After earning a degree in Business, Satoru returned to Japan and became a ’salary man’. His business career includes sales and marketing in Oracle Japan as well as a supplier for Toyota at the Toyota Headquarters. Sensing that God called him to a full time ministry after several years in business, he and his wife, Hiroko, moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend Regent College. In 2009, having completing a Master of Divinity degree, Satoru started his service at the current church. He has two children; Towa (16) and Kotoha (12). He is passionate about sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. He also serves as a member of the RJC Board. His hobbies include music (guitar, piano, harmonica), biking, hiking, and Shogi (Japanese Chess).


横浜市で無神論者の家庭で生まれ育つ。シカゴ郊外のJudson University在学中にイエス・キリストに出会い信仰を持つ。ビジネス学部を卒業後、帰国し就職。日本オラクル株式会社、日本デルファイ・オートモーティブ・システムズ(米本社はミシガン)で6年間トヨタ自動車担当営業として荒波に揉まれる中、牧師の召しを受け、カナダ、バンクーバーのRegent Collegeに入学。2009年Master of Divinity修了。同年より現職。Reaching Japanese for Christの理事も務める。信州人の妻、カナダ生まれの息子(16歳)、シアトル生まれの娘(12歳)の4人家族。趣味のモットーは、「広く浅く」…スポーツや音楽など基本何でも好き。最近はまっているのは将棋と自転車。

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Randy Loubier

Randy Loubier

Seminar Presenter

Seminar Title: “Japanese Faith – A Paul-in-Athens Approach” 「日本人の信仰 – アテネのパウロのアプローチ」

Have we made Christianity a “foreign faith” to the Japanese? Before his salvation, Pastor Randy also thought of Christianity as foreign, superstitious, and inferior to his views. He often ponders what it would have taken to get him curious. What will it take to get a Japanese person curious? We’ll explore this question by introducing a six-week course called Japanese Faith. Japanese Faith is designed to gather a few Japanese believers and unbelievers to engage in a conversation about the admirably unique Japanese culture and how it parallels Jesus’ teachings. Why, we ask, are the Japanese living closer to Jesus’ teachings than every other country in the world?

私たちは、日本人にとってキリスト教を「外国の信仰」にしてしまったのでしょうか。ランディ牧師も救われる前は、キリスト教を異国のもの、迷信的なもの、自分の考えに劣るものと考えていました。彼はよく、自分が好奇心を持つようになるには何が必要だったのだろうかと考えます。日本人が好奇心を持つには何が必要なのでしょうか。この問いを、「Japanese Faith」という6週間のコースを紹介することで探っていきます。Japanese Faithは、日本人の信者と未信者を数人集めて、日本人の見事にユニークな文化と、それがイエスの教えとどのように類似しているかについて会話をするために企画されたものです。なぜ、日本人は世界のどの国よりもイエスの教えに近い生き方をしているのでしょうか?

Randy Loubier ランディ ルービエ:

Author and Pastor Randy Loubier continues to break ground with his compelling insight into Biblical truths as he helps you find your “joy abundant,” and sow into the hardest soils. Pastor Randy’s first fifty years of life were as an anti-Christian giving us a refreshing and powerful perspective on Christianity. His novel, Slow Brewing Tea, is set in Japan, available in Japanese, and is being used by Japanese Christians as an evangelism and discipleship tool. Slow Brewing Tea and his other books will be available at the conference.

著者であり牧師であるランディ・ルービエは、聖書の真理に対する説得力のある洞察で、あなたが「豊かな喜び」を見出し、最も困難な土壌に種をまくことを助けるために、新しい境地を開拓し続けています。アンチ・クリスチャンとしてのランディ牧師の人生初めの50年は、キリスト教に対する新鮮で力強い視点を与えてくれました。彼の小説「Slow Brewing Tea」は日本を舞台にしたもので、日本語で読むことができ、日本のクリスチャンが伝道と弟子訓練のツールとして用いています。会場では、『Slow Brewing Tea』をはじめとする著書が販売される予定です。


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