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RJC In Action ~ Rebecca Masters

Earlier this month, God brought together two ministries that have been reaching out to the Japanese in their respective communities in Georgia and Michigan.  Naoko Uechi from GLOW ministries (https://www.glowintl.org) near Atlanta, Georgia and Rebecca Masters from St. Matthew’s International Friends Ministry (www.smifriends.org) near Detroit, Michigan met at the 2023 RJC International Conference in Southern California this past March.

These two ladies realized that there were some similarities in the set up of the ministries as well as the felt needs of the Japanese that are living in their communities.  Naoko and Rebecca kept in contact to set up a time when Naoko could come and observe and participate in some of the classes at St. Matthew.  By God’s grace, they were able to meet in early October in Michigan (thankfully, it wasn’t too cold yet!) and meet some of the Japanese that attend classes at St. Matthew as well as meet some of the staff and team members (volunteers) that serve in the classes every week.  What a blessed time everyone had together as we laughed, learned, and got to know each other better…all while reaching out with the love of Jesus to the Japanese in the classes!

This, in this writer’s opinion, is a great example of RJC Network in action.  It is a sweet moment when you connect with someone that has the same love for the Japanese that you do, and then realize that you can learn and grow together as you serve God in similar ministry…even if you are separated by a state or two.  There are some unique challenges that individuals and churches face when starting a ministry that reaches out to Japanese.  To be able to share in those challenges, pray for, and encourage one another is such a precious gift that is indicative of how the Body of Christ works together.

My prayer is that these kinds of things can happen all over the world as more and more of us network, pray for, and connect with each other.  We really are better together and God has already placed us in a great community of brothers and sisters in RJC! 

Rebecca Masters
Director of International Ministries
St. Matthew Lutheran Church

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