Apologetic Signposts

Utilizing the tools of apologetics, this seminar identifies specific Japanese historical distinctions which contribute to endemic apathy toward the Gospel. Tips on surfacing objections to the Gospel are covered in this teaching. Bio: Marty is a consultant specializing in conversational evangelism. He is the President of Stairway Division, a nonprofit, which promotes the propagation of … Read more

Is There A Japanized Christianity And An Americanized Christianity? 「『日本のキリスト教』と『アメリカのキリスト教』ってあるの?」

Shusaku Endo, in Silence, states that “Even if you plant the sapling called ‘Christianity’ in the swamp called ‘Japan’, the roots will begin to rot”. Does our faith become something different in the soil called “Japan”? How do we reply to this message? We would like to think about this together. 「キリスト教という苗を日本という沼地に植えても、根が腐っていく」と遠藤周作は「沈黙」の中で述べています。日本という土壌の中で、私たちの信仰は違ったものになってしまうのか?このメッセージに、私たちはどのように答えるでしょうか?一緒に考えていきたいと思います。Bio: After graduating from … Read more

Spiritual Realities In Japan

The Japanese are listed as the second largest unreached people group. Why is evangelism so difficult in Japan? We will explore some of the reasons why. Bio: He was raised in a Buddhist family but came to Christ at age 19. He and his family served in Japan as a SEND missionary since 1989. Now … Read more

Noriko And The Beanstalk

The St. Matthew team will share how God has given us magic beans (the Holy Spirit obviously) to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of the Japanese (and others) that He has brought to our church. This is a great seminar for anyone that is not native Japanese but has a heart to reach … Read more

The Book Of Ecclesiastes and Japanese 「伝道の書」と日本人

It will be argued that the book of Ecclesiastes has been one of the favorites for Japanese Christians. Furthermore, Ecclesiastes has often functioned as a theological bridge to Japanese thought. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of Ecclesiastes in the writings of Seizō Sekine, professor of ethics and Hebrew Bible at the University … Read more

The Philosophy Of A Welcoming Church, 歓迎する教会」

Jesus came and gave his life so that outsiders might be welcomed into His family. As we gather as a church, how can we make our gatherings as welcoming as possible? What are the values and behaviors of a welcoming church? How can we become a welcoming church? 主イエスは、Outsiderたちを神の国、神の家族にinするため、歓迎するために、ご自身の命さえ惜しまず与えられました。私たちが「教会・キリストの体」として集まる時、どのようにそれを体現すればいいのでしょう?そしてその根底に流れる基本的思考は?教会はどのようにすれば、Welcoming Churchになるのでしょう? Bio: Fumi 千東 史和 (フミ) … Read more