What’s Currently Happening in Japan – Webinar

Through this webinar you will be able to catch some of what God is doing in Japan with evangelism/church planting and following up with returnees. Church Planting Institute and Global Returnee Conference. Reports from Dennis Peters, RJC Director and John Mehn, CPI Leadership Team Chair, and Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North America Director

Equip Yourself to Prepare Returnees

In order for us to be able to prepare the returnees before they return to Japan, we need to prepare, equip, and train ourselves so that we can serve them in the best way we can.

What You Can Do Before And After You Say Sayonara

Did you know that Japanese are 30 times more receptive to the Gospel OUTSIDE of Japan? (No scientific proof.) However, when they return, 70-80% disappear from Christian fellowship. We can do something about this! We need to be proactive not only in evangelizing them, but in preparing them for their lives in Japan so that … Read more

Shimizu, Setsu- Discipleship= Preparation For Returning To Japan:

We become friends with Japanese, love them, share Christ with, and some become followers of Christ. Wonderful!! But Japanese ministries “outside” of Japan don”t end there. We need wisdom, resources, network, and friends to minister, disciple and care for those who return to Japan. Bio: Shimizu, Setsu was born and raised in a pastor’s family … Read more

Ministry Showcase Open Mic

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