What You Can Do Before And After You Say Sayonara

September 23, 2022 · Returnees · Setsu Shimizu

Did you know that Japanese are 30 times more receptive to the Gospel OUTSIDE of Japan? (No scientific proof.) However, when they return, 70-80% disappear from Christian fellowship. We can do something about this! We need to be proactive not only in evangelizing them, but in preparing them for their lives in Japan so that when they return, they don’t become survivors of faith but become ambassadors for Christ to bring His love, hope and peace to Japan. How can we better help ourselves so that we can minister to them before they return? What can we do after they return?
Bio: Setsu was born and raised in a pastor’s family in Kishiwada, Osaka. From the time she was 15 years old and her family moved to Hawaii, she has lived in the U.S. She was involved in evangelizing international students as a high school student and went on to study at Fuller Seminary, rededicating herself to the Lord during Urbana 90. She was led to JCFN where she has been a full-time staff worker since 1994. She married Masaomi Shimizu in June, 2011.