Notes from the 5/26 phone call regarding the formation of an English Conversation ministry.


We continued our conversation related to English Conversation as a tool for ministry. I have collected and hopefully organized comments from Greg and Asa Swenson, Chuck Robb, Bryan O’Donnell and Don Wright.


This conversation got underway with me sharing that I am considering starting an English Conversation event of some sort at Jlodge and I asked for advice, comments and whatever encouragements or hesitations might be important. Our hope is that this will be helpful for anyone who is thinking about starting this kind of ministry.


One of the first comments came from Greg.

His advice --  “go for it!!  Afterall, what’s the worst that could happen?” Many other suggestions followed.












That covers things to consider before you establish an English Conversation ministry. Now we will turn to what to do once the dust has settled and you have an eager group of people who want to practice their English Conversation skills.


Greg shared a typical pattern he uses for his meetings.


  1. Idioms
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Answering questions
  4. Bible verse


Below is a list of topics and a few resources:


High Cards are a good resource for conversations and can be used with a variety of language abilities. Mark Bello, the creator of HIGH Cards has given me some decks of these cards for distribution. If you are interested in receiving a deck of HIGH Cards you can contact me, David Mills at:


Game nights

Or karaoke


A list of sample questions you might be able to use for some conversation warmups. Might be able to fit questions like these into vocabulary sessions.



Use seasonal themes as topics







From Don Wright:

Be sure to check out our resource page at:


From Greg & Asa Swenson:


From Chuck Robb:

Koinonia Cafe (Higashimatsushima)

Koinonia Cafe external site:

A POS system: