1. Examine your heart and find out if Jesus is really sending you to Japan. (make sure you don’t just want your “missionary report card” stamped by God.)
  2. Be ready to come by praying. Praying is the most important thing. 5 minute-short prayers won’t do. Japan is a challenging country to share the Gospel, by praying before you come, God will lay the ground work.
  3. Set in your heart a goal, “I would love to tell ____ people about Jesus” during my time in Japan. “Telling” does not mean you will see fruit, be obedianant, throw out the seed.
  4. Be ready for rejection, but it won’t be so evident to see here. Japanese loves a foreigner which is a plus for missionaries, they will want to talk to you, know how to steer the conversation to having faith in Jesus.
  5. Being a foreigner also can have a negative side in that the Japanese will want to study the Bible in English and so will you, so sometimes the enemy can disguise himself and make you feel like this person is close to becoming a Christian. We are not God, we can’t see their hearts, present the Gospel and if they don’t want to make a decision find someone who does. Don’t get caught up with one person. This is the enemies’ strategy (we call in dancing with the devil). Always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. *
  6. Set it in your heart to partner with a Japanese Christian It is wonderful because you can share Jesus in English and the Japanese only have to translate it making the process not so “in your face” message. Everyone wins, so the Japanese needs to hear the Gospel in their native tongue. They can relate to the message better.
  7. If you are timid in the US, you will be timid in Japan. Try to be bold with your friends and practice sharing Jesus with them. When you come to Japan it will be second nature.
  8. Be yourself. You are created in the image of God, He doesn’t expect you to change your personality. If you love to smile and say hi to everyone, don’t change that part of you. If you like to touch people in a pure way (ei; hand on shoulder or hugs ) don’t change that about you. Since you are a foreigner they love being touched. In a Godly Way!! (My love language is touch so I hug ladies in my church, they never had been hugged before and now every time they see me, they hug me. God is awesome.) Don’t change! Smile, laugh, be fun, don’t try to change for the culture, only if God prompts you to and listen closely, the enemy can whisper too.
  9. Always have Japanese Bibles on hand, the Japanese need the sword of God.
  10. Ask the Japanese the 5 W’s. Through their answers you can find out so much about them. You being here is not about you. Try to limit telling people all about you; as soon as they can get you talking about yourself, you are NOT listening to them. You want to know them, to find out where they are hurting and where the Gospel will be the most effective.
  11. Don’t be afraid to talk about heaven and hell. In Japan, sin and hell are not a popular topic but it is part of the Gospel. Don’t try to water it down!
  12. Don’t be ashamed to share why you are here. A “missionary” is a good answer but a better answer would be “to share Jesus with the Japanese”.
  13. Our greatest example is Jesus. He came in truth and grace. Be ready to love on the people and share the most valuable gift you have for them, eternal life with Jesus. Don’t pass up an opportunity. We are praying for you and God’s great plan for you, either in persecution or the Japanese accepting the Gospel message. Thank you for being part of the body! (I am only the big toe, where are you?)

From Heidi Minezaki. http://minezakis.blogspot.com/