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What Is TalkTime? – A Quick Explanation

When unexpected volunteers just walk into our Talk Time I hand them a quick briefing of priorities. Liz Godwin

What is Talk Time?

Talk Time is an opportunity for us to develop friendships with internationals, refugees, immigrants, businessmen and women with their families. Friendships are developed around a table with internationals wishing to practice English Conversation.

At Talk Time we encourage volunteers to have the following priorities in this ministry:

WORSHIP: In Humility, Spirit and Truth.

FRIENDSHIP: We want to develop true friendships with our international friends, even if the international doesn’t respond positively to the Gospel we will still be their friend.

Friendship should look like this:

  • 1. Less talking about us and more LISTENING to them.
  • 2. Show APPRECIATION for their CULTURE.
  • 3. Be SENSITIVE to them by explaining jokes or new English words and idioms.
  • 4. Be a SERVANT to them by taking them home after Talk Time, or to the grocery store, or showing them how to use the bus system.

EVANGELISM: Talk Time should be a safe place for internationals. You are encouraged to discover where God is working in the life of the international. A deeper level of sharing can occur over dinner or during an outing.

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