Article by Arthur Rouzer (Christmas 2012)

God longs to communicate his good news with all nations. God has revealed his good news through many ways, including through people, events, tradition, and Scripture. In the Old Testament, God communicated his good news directly to Abraham as well as to others through prophets, historic events, and radical displays of deliverance. In the New Testament, God communicated his good news through Jesus Christ, as well as through vivid apocalyptic revelation, through kingdom proclamation and demonstration, and much more. After the New Testament period, God continues to reveal himself to all nations. In this paper, I share insights about how cross-cultural ministers can partner with God as he reveals himself to the Japanese. I begin by illustrating the various ways God has already revealed himself to the Japanese. Then, I provide a New Testament model that shows how the Apostle Paul changed how he communicated the good news based on his audience. I continue by exploring how literature on cross-cultural communication can support cross-cultural ministers in effectively communicating the good news to Japanese audiences. Finally, I conclude with missiological implications, namely that culturally-specific, audience-centered communication is necessary for effectively communicating the gospel cross-culturally.

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