Jack and Keiko Marshall are a husband and wife team with a background that has well equipped them for the unique bilingual ministry to which God has called them. With years of experience in ministry while living in Japan, Brazil and Indonesia as well as overseeing ministry in Korea and Taiwan, they are well versed in the needs of the church around the world with a special burden for the Japanese, both in Japan and overseas. Jack, having started his ministry in youth work, maintains an excitement of presenting Biblical truth in a living and vital way. Keiko shares this same excitement as she translates these truths into Japanese.

Jack, after completing his studies at Northwestern Bible College in Minnesota, pastored a church while directing Youth for Christ in western Pennsylvania. After going full time with Youth for Christ he received a call to go to Japan and directed YFC in the Kansai area of Japan for his first missionary term. After seven years of ministry in Japan, he joined Overseas Crusades International, who asked him to go to Brazil where he spent three years in crusade evangelism throughout Brazil. Still burdened for the Japanese, he then returned to Japan. For five years he served as the director of student ministries among university students at the Ochanomizu Student Christian Center in Tokyo. In 1974 he was called to Osaka, where he founded the Osaka International Church and served as pastor of that church for the following 18 years.

Keiko was born to a non-Christian family in Osaka, Japan and graduated from Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto. She then became a Christian through the ministry of Osaka International Church and served for seven years on the OIC staff. Recognizing her spiritual gifts, she was encouraged to study theology at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. Upon receiving her diploma, the Lord led her to Indonesia where she spent three years in missionary service. Following her term in Indonesia, she entered Biola University in California for her Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. After receiving a MA degree she entered the doctorate program in Missiology and completed her study program.

After losing his first wife to cancer, Jack married Keiko in 1997.

Together and individually, Jack and Keiko conducted workshops at Equipper Conference (EC) ’97 and ’98 in Seattle, as well as being main speakers at EC ’99 and ’01 sponsored by Japanese Christian Fellowship Network (JCFN). Many of conferees had become Christians during their time of study in America. Jack and Keiko also conducted workshops and gave a closing message of challenge at Returnees Conference (RC) in both Tokyo and Osaka in the summer of ’98. Through ’99 they ministered in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and various cities in the U.S. They were involved in ministry at Urbana 2000 where Keiko was simultaneous translator for Japanese students at the main sessions. Jack and Keiko did individual and joint workshops for Japanese students at post Urbana conference. In February to March of 2001 they ministered in Australia to Japanese-Australian churches as well as to other churches in both Melbourne and Brisbane. They did workshops as well as being main speakers at both EC ’01 and ’02 held in Forest Home, California that was attended by 360 Japanese university students. In January 0f 2002 they were speakers at the annual Hayama Missionary Conference held in Gotemba, Japan.

Jack and Keiko carry a deep concern for the spiritual development and growth of Japanese Christians. It was this concern that led them to put together their “Essential Truths of the Christian Faith” seminar teaching the deep truths of God’s total plan of salvation. Starting with lessons on God’s holiness and sovereignty, original sin, atonement and redemption, then on to New Testament truths of regeneration, justification and finally a challenge to sanctification. They have authored an English-Japanese bilingual manual that is used as a text for the seminar, written to be understandable to the common lay person. Their bilingual ministry as a synchronized team has been used of God to bless Japanese churches in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan.
While living in Fresno, CA Fresno, Jack pastored the Sierra View Presbyterian Church (PCA) from 2000 to 2003 and he is now an officially retired member of the Northern California Presbytery.
In June of 2003, Jack & Keiko were called to go to Brisbane, Australia to minister to the Japanese population of that city. They founded and pastored for six years the Brisbane International Japanese Church, known as “Japanese i- Church.” While pastoring in Brisbane they made extensive ministry trips. In 2005 they were main speakers at a JCFN sponsored Returnees conference in Osaka, Japan and in 2007 they made a ministry trip to churches in China, Burma and Thailand under sponsorship of Deaf Ministries International. In 2009 they were speakers at Japan’s first All Nations Returnees Conference (ANRC) in Saitama, Japan.

Not able to renew their visa to Australia, in 2009 they returned to Japan to minister to Returnees and now live in Amagasaki-Shi and minister to the greater Osaka area of Japan. They have recently inaugurated a Bible teaching ministry called “Rejoice International,” once again teaching the great truths of God’s word to the Japanese.

Jack and Keiko Marshall’s Message on Returnees and Evangelism

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