RJC is About Networking

(October 2, 2007)
Last weekend I was in Los Angeles for a planning meeting with RJC Southern California. That was on Friday, September 28. Then on Sunday I visited two different Japanese church in the area. In all these meetings I was impressed again of how reaching Japanese for Christ is a team task, a network of many people sharing Jesus and love. Here are a few examples:
1. A Korean American young man who attended one year at Waseda University in Tokyo to learn Japanese. Now he is back in Los Angeles attending a Japanese church in the afternoon, burdened for Japanese. He plans to return to Japan to share Jesus through English teaching.

2. A Japanese who came to L.A. for college, met Jesus through the Korean Campus Crusade for Christ ministry on her campus. Now she is on staff with KCCC reaching out to Japanese students in Southern California.

3. A Japanese student who has recently become a Christian in a Japanese church here. He has never attended a church in Japan.

All around the USA and Canada good people are reaching out to Japanese students, business people and their families, and short-term visitors. And together we participate in God’s Kingdom work.