October 28, 2010 RJC E-Mail Report

1. Pray for the special Christmas outreach dinner sponsored by VIP International. Four hundred Japanese government leaders and business people will gather at the Tokyo New Otani Hotel on November 30 to hear testimony and message centered in Jesus Christ.
2. Ann Ault shares this prayer item:
A screenplay has been written based on the autobiographical book, “Heart’s Desire”, by Patsy Oda,. This is a lovely story of a young Japanese American girl who finds Jesus Christ in a tight-knit post WWII Buddhist community and the miracles God does in her life. We ask for prayer to do the film soon for world-wide distribution, but especially with Japanese subtitles and sent all over Japan, including remote places … people would watch a film!
3. Pray for the Northern California RJC Conference, taking place November 5 and 6. See for details.

1. Tokorozawa Community Care Center: Dr. Andy Meeko has opened a care center to help those suffering from depression. This center is located in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture. Please check their website for more details at: Tokorozawa Community Care Center.

2. Sister Cities: Beth and Bob F of the Seattle area share their experiences working with the Edmonds Sister City program.
Our city exchanges groups of middle and high school students for 2 weeks each summer with our sister city in Japan. This year one of the local home stay families hosting a student from Japan is a member of our church and brought their student with them to attend Sunday worship. When he left to return to Japan, the family gave him the name and address of a church in his town, pastored by friends we’d known in Tokyo 20 years ago. The family also plans to send this student a Christmas music CD and keep in contact with him.

A number of Washington State cities have a sister city in Japan. The Sister Cities International website would be a good place to check for further information. Find out through your city government what sister cities you have and what kind of exchanges are planned. Volunteer to host a student or adult (our city hosts an adult delegation in the fall every two years).

Here are a few of the current Washington State city “links” with Japan:
Anacortes (Kisakata); Auburn (Tanba); Bellevue (Yao); Bellingham (Tateyama); Bremerton (Kure); Camas (Hamamatsu; and Taki-cho); Chehalis (Inasa); Chelan (Kato); Edmonds (Hekinan); Everett (Iwakuni); Federal Way (Hachinohe); Ferndale (Minamiboso); Kelso (Makinohara); Kent (Tanba); Kittitas County (Sanda); Lakewood (Okinawa City); Longview (Wako); Moses Lake (Yonezawa); Okanogan (Kagoshima); Olympia (Kato); Orting (Ikawa); Port Angeles (Mutsu); Port Townsend (Ichikawa); Pullman (Kasai); Renton (Nishiwaki); Seattle (Kobe); Sequim (Shiso); Spokane (Nishinomiya); Tacoma (Kitakyushu); Tukwila (Miyoshi); Vancouver (Joyo); Walla Walla (Sasayama); Wenatchee (Misawa); Yakima (Itayanagi).
3. Worship and the Arts is a great blog, (A missional blog focused on Christ-centered worship, the arts and Japan. Web Site.

RJC News:
RJC Academy:
1. The fall Japan 101 class is just about half way in the studies. Seven people are taking the class. One of this is our first student from Bali, Indonesia.

2. The pilot study class, Japanese Evangelism 201, is just finishing up. Nine people were gracious enough to take the class and help Daniel Kikawa to refine the studies.

RJC Conferences:
1. Southern California RJC Conference, September 24 and 25. The audio recordings of the conference will be available soon.

2. RJC Mini-Conferences: The Chicago Mini-Conference, October 23, and the Minneapolis Mini-Conference, October 24, were well attended with great fellowship, networking and learning. Materials will also be available for these.
3. Northern California RJC Conference, November 5, 6. See for details.

4. The International RJC Conference at Northshore Baptist Church, February 17-19, is going to be a great conference. Jack and Keiko Marshall, along with Yusaku Ota will be the main speakers. Noboru Morishege will share special music. Timely seminars and testimonies are always a key part of the time. Also, we will have special workshops featuring manga and anime, plus Christian Hawaiian Hula.

RJC Blog: This is a reminder concerning the blog. We are using this as a way to stay connected with the various RJC ministries.

October 13, 2010 RJC E-Mail Report

  • JET Opportunity
    Here’s an opportunity to send out young singles, couples and families to a missionfield where the country is politically open, but the population is less than 1% Christian due to many having never heard the Gospel in terms they can understand. It’s JET application season again and applications to come on the programme next year (arriving in Jl. or Aug.) will be due some time in Nov. (check info on your nearest consulate’s website for application and deadline information).This is NOT a Christian programme, but IS a great chance to get Christians into the public system in Japan to potentially make a difference in some people’s lives, build some relationships and share God’s love with people around them in whatever ways God opens the doors to do so. In a sense, it’s a chance to be an under cover government-funded missionary for 1-5 years. The pay is comparable to $3000/mo (depending on current exchange rates), so people needing to pay off student loans can have their overseas experience and chip away at their loans at the same time.Some good news is that there is a network of Christian support for believers in the programme called JET Christian Fellowship. I’d be happy to share about the details of that with people who want more information as well as strategizing in terms of placement requests. There are areas that are in desperate need of more workers in the harvest due to being greatly neglected and there are areas where some missionaries and Japanese churches may be eager to reach out and work together as a team. Having my foot in both worlds can allow me to potentially connect the 2 in various situations. (email: kaeruth@hotmail.com) If there are no churches or pastors/missionaries nearby that the person is interested in working alongside, it could also be an opportunity for people interested in CPM style missions.What is JET?Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (or Program for those using American spelling)Positions:ALT- Assistant Language Teacher… These are the most abundantly available positions and though Japanese may be beneficial, you’re not required to know any Japanese to apply for this position. You’re placed in the public system either in sr. high or jr. high and/or elementary schools.CIR- Co-ordinator for International Relations… These jobs require a person to know some level of Japanese to get in and the placements will depend on the person’s Japanese level and the needs of the host institution- which tends to be a local or prefectural government office.SEA- some sort of sports specialist… very few positions and not talked about often, so even those of us who’ve been in the programme at some point and have been hanging out among JETs for years often know little or nothing about such positions. It would be best to ask the consulate about this position.Who can apply?People under 40 with at least a bachelor’s degree in whatever or graduating next spring with a bachelor’s degree in whatever and who are citizens of the participating countries. (see JET website link on your nearest consulate site)Feel free to email me to ask about various strategizing and checking essays for the applications, etc. in preparation to send things in. Some people may wish to request certain areas in groups in order to increase the likelihood of being posted close together for personal encouragement potential.

    Some areas needing and/or wanting particular attention: Tokushima-ken, Kagawa-ken, Saga-ken, Tottori-ken, Yamaguchi-ken, Okayama-ken, Ishikawa-ken, Toyama-ken, Niigata-ken, Yamagata-ken, Fukushima-ken, Akita-ken, Aomori-ken, Iwate-ken, Miyagi-ken (basically, anywhere in Tohoku region), Hokkaido (SO many pre-churched rural towns… being amalgamated into cities doesn’t change their needs if they’re far from the main city or nearest town w/ a church), Ibaraki-ken, Tochigi-ken, Saitama-ken, Gifu-ken, Wakayama-ken, Mie-ken, Nara-ken, Aichi-ken (esp. rural spots not close to Nagoya), Fukui-ken, Shiga-ken, Kyoto-fu.

    Many blessings to you.


    Deborah Ruth Trotter

    PS. For people entering university in the next few years, Japan has some government scholarships for foreigners coming to university in Japan and various English tracks by which a person can study here. Those interested can investigate the MEXT scholarships.

Prayer Groups for Rural Japan Now Forming:

  • “There are about 1800 unchurched rural areas (URAs) in Japan with few reaching out to them. A network is under formation with launch planned in 11/2011 to focus on these areas. Until then, there is much prep. A key part of that is forming prayer groups, beginning NOW, to pray for URAs of a given prefecture in Japan. 47 prayer groups outside of Japan (and later 47 within Japan) are needed, one for each prefecture. So far, 8 regions and 18 prefectures have been adopted by groups outside Japan (US, Canada, Phillipines). If you’d be willing to form a prayer group (or lead prayer for URAs as part of an existing Bible Study or group) in any country outside of Japan, please email for more info (dawndb1@hotmail.com ). If you have a preferred prefecture, please mention this as many prefectures don’t yet have a group covering them. Later, groups within Japan will also be formed.”
  • Volunteers (in the US, Japan, or elsewehre) for Rural Japan Network Needed. in addition to prayer warriors, volunteers are also needed in Japan and outside of Japan (even a day a month or a couple hours a week) in the areas of writing, editing, administrative assistance, computer work, data entry, website design, website maintenance and updates, website troubleshooting, translation (written and spoken), graphics, awareness development liaiasons, and so forth. Just email to express interest. Much can be done via the internet to help with the network. It can’t go forward without many volunteers. Please consider contributing a little of your time to help increase the spread of the gospel to the roughly 15,000,000 people living in Japan’s unchurched rural areas. Internet access and rudimentary knowledge of Word, internet searches, email, and in some cases Excel is generally needed.

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