How To Overcome Barriers To The Gospel

What keeps Japanese from coming to church? What keeps Japanese from believing in Jesus? How can we effectively minister to Japanese? I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the Bible and from my experience.

Concepts Affecting Japanese Worldview and National Character

Anyone who wants to reach the Japanese people for Christ must first understand the various elements that make up their worldview and shape the national character. In this seminar, Anne will give a basic overview of the Japanese worldview, touching on topics such as the influence of religion, family, education, and group consciousness. She will … Read more

Japanese Culture and Barriers to the Gospel

Why are the Japanese so hard to lead to Christ? Let’s take a look at some of the major cultural barriers behind their resistance to the Gospel. This seminar is for those who are new to the Japanese culture. Bio: Brown, Naoko was born and raised in Shizuoka City in Japan and has been living … Read more

Shimizu, Setsu- Discipleship= Preparation For Returning To Japan:

We become friends with Japanese, love them, share Christ with, and some become followers of Christ. Wonderful!! But Japanese ministries “outside” of Japan don”t end there. We need wisdom, resources, network, and friends to minister, disciple and care for those who return to Japan. Bio: Shimizu, Setsu was born and raised in a pastor’s family … Read more

Time Management

Time management is a way of life. People who struggle with effective time management do either of the following: have no schedule to lead their daily routines, or pack too much into their schedules and burn out along the way. We will take time to look over our time management skills, and think about how … Read more

Secrets to Successful Niche Ministries, like Surfing:

From regularly scheduled meeting times, to using common language and prayer, you will learn the basics on how to conduct a successful niche ministry, like our surf ministry to Japanese. Bio: Lachica, Amy & Ken Kuroda. Amy Lachica has been working to reach the Japanese for Christ since 1999 through various ministries from church planting, … Read more

Otaku Outreach Methods

“Otaku Outreach Methods” will discuss the methods which our ministry, Jesus Otaku, has used to reach out to fans of Japanese animation/manga/cosplay during our mission trips to Japan and local anime conventions in California. Bio: Cecilia, the founder of Jesus Otaku, is a licensed attorney currently pursuing a Masters in Leadership Studies through Vanguard University’s … Read more

Mentoring Within The Japanese Mind

In this seminar, we will see how mentoring works in the Japanese mind and why it is effective. We will look at the method as well as some examples of the material and planning strategy. Also we will look at how this can be used for outreach, as well as equipping. Bio: Araki, Izumi was … Read more

Making Church Attenders Into Christ’s Disciples

“Go and make disciples of all nations…” is the calling verse that most missionaries memorize as they head overseas. But where are we making disciples and training them towards maturity? The realization that we were not caused a paradigm shift that shook me to the core. Bio: Nakamura, Richard was born and raised in a … Read more