Trim Healthy Mama: Food, Fun, and Fellowship, トリムヘルシーママ フード、ファン、フエロシップ

September 23, 2022 · RJC International Conference 2019 · Marla Ayatsuka

In 2015, Marla lost 17 kilos when she discovered a healthy way of eating that is healing, and biblically based called Trim Healthy Mama! As of fall 2018, Marla is a certified THM coach and continues to use the teachings of THM to reach out to more Japanese women where they learn about the God who made us and the foods he made us to enjoy through cooking classes and seminars! This seminar will teach you the basics of the THM lifestyle AND help you understand how cooking classes are a great way to connect with the Japanese and bring them into Christian fellowship! 2015年、トリムヘルシーママという聖書からとったヘルシーな食事の取り方を始めたマーラは17キロ減量に成功し、ヘルシーになりました。2018年秋にはTHMのコーチの資格を取り、この素晴らしい食べ方を続けながら、神様が私たちを造ってくれたこと、食べ物もエンジョイしながらヘルシーな生活ができることを伝えるべくセミナーやクッキングクラスをしている。このセミナーでは、THMのライフスタイルのベーシックなところや料理を通してどうやって伝道できるかを学びます。 Bio: Rocky & Marla 綾塚ロッキー、マーラ are music evangelists and church planters based in Kitakyushu, Japan. They’ll travel wherever they are asked to go to share the Gospel through music, and they lead a small church plant called Bible Family Fellowship Kitakyushu, and other Bible studies and outreach ministries. They are passionate about Jesus, leading a life of worship, the church (the body of Christ, not a building), and each other.