Three Things To Know When Talking With Japanese Men

September 23, 2022 · Business · David Tokizo Lee

There are always more females than males in church, and in a Japanese church it’s almost a startling 9:1 ratio! But the majority of the Bible is focused on men. Why does the Bible not appeal to Japanese men? Are they too stubborn, too smart to listen? Or are they just afraid? Of course, there is not one simple answer but I would like to share my thoughts from my childhood experience and through my 9 years of hosting men’s small groups. Bio: Lee, David Tokizo was born in Japan, a second generation Korean. After graduating from college, he came to the United States in 1977. David has had many different jobs and owned companies in United States and Japan in retail and restaurant businesses. In 1988 he decided to move to Japan to help his father’s business, but the bubble economy crashed in 1989 and he lost most of his assets in Japan and the US, thus plunging him into a state of confusion. He often questioned the purpose of life, and practiced meditation and esoteric Buddhist beliefs. In 1999, David returned to the US with his four children, wife and mother. God lead David to Saddleback Church and soon after, the purpose of life. He has hosted a Japanese men’s small group (God’s Men’s Club) since 2006.