The Book Of Ecclesiastes and Japanese 「伝道の書」と日本人

September 23, 2022 · RJC International Conference 2019 · David Hymes

It will be argued that the book of Ecclesiastes has been one of the favorites for Japanese Christians. Furthermore, Ecclesiastes has often functioned as a theological bridge to Japanese thought. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of Ecclesiastes in the writings of Seizō Sekine, professor of ethics and Hebrew Bible at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Bio: David デイビッド・ハイムス is an Associate Professor of Old Testament and Intercultural Studies at Northwest University. Dr. Hymes and his wife, Anna have been missionaries to Japan and the Philippines for the past 26 years. He teaches Old Testament courses such as Israelite Monarchy, the book of Isaiah, and Old Testament History and Literature as well as Intercultural Studies classes including History of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology here at Northwest.