Sharing Your Testimony in Manga Form

September 23, 2022 · Anime · Kathleen Webb

Nate is Director of COMIX35, a Christian comics ministry offering international consultation, coaching, and seminars on the production and effective use of comics-style literature. Prior to that Nate made his living for 20+ years as a cartoonist, graphic artist, and writer/illustrator of comics. He worked on over a dozen characters, including the Muppets, Archie, Looney Tunes & Tiny Toons, Popeye, and Mighty Mouse. He has also written, edited, packaged and/or published a number of Christian cartoon tracts, comic books, and graphic novels.
Kathleen has a wide range of work experience in manga with Archie Comics, Focus on the Family, and Marvel comics. She presently works for World Vision. She and her husband, Bill, have hosted over twenty different Japanese girls over the last 15 years.