Sekai Creator-Developing Japan’s Future Leaders Internship

September 23, 2022 · Business · Steve Sakanashi

Steve will share the story behind starting Sekai Creator, an international business program for Japanese students, and provide a template for creating similar ministries. He will walk through the process of discovery and creation involved in Sekai Creator, share stories of God’s work, and answer questions related to the ministry. This seminar will be most helpful for Americans with business experience or connections to other Christians in business.

Bio: President of Sekai Creator, an international business program for students. He is also a partner at Labs8, a company that focuses on launching startups. Prior to these ventures, Steve served as a founding staff member of Mars Hill University District in Seattle. Steve is passionate about making Christ known through developing the next generation of Japanese business leaders. In September 2014, Steve will move to Tokyo with his wife and son to expand Sekai Creator and serve as an elder in a church plant.