Running A Successful Business In The USA As a Japanese Christian

September 23, 2022 · Business · Taro Arai

Taro brings a special perspective to the American Business World. A devout believer, he is constantly looking for ways to share his faith and still keep within the confines of the Law. Living as a Christian in a secular Business environment brings its own challenges. Taro brings with him a history of over 25 years of experience from which to draw and will share some of these experiences with the focus of bringing a balanced perspective on how to avoid the pitfalls and find a smart, uncompromising way to build a business as a Japanese Christian, and serve God at the same time.
Bio: Taro was born in Kyushu. He was virtuous, carefree, radical, and was forever being sent home from school. At age 15, with the money Taro saved from doing his paper route, Taro’s father decided to move to America.
In 1987, Taro’s parents opened a modest Japanese restaurant called “Mikuni” in Sacramento, California, to provide a living for the family. More than twenty-five years and several locations later, Mikuni is one of the most successful restaurant businesses in the region. Sushi chef Taro Arai is imaginative, inventive, personable, unpredictable, energetic, eclectic, and even a little bit outrageous. He’s one of the hottest and most renowned sushi chefs to hit the restaurant scene.