Mentoring Within The Japanese Mind

September 23, 2022 · Discipleship/Christian Life · Izumi Araki

In this seminar, we will see how mentoring works in the Japanese mind and why it is effective. We will look at the method as well as some examples of the material and planning strategy. Also we will look at how this can be used for outreach, as well as equipping.

Bio: Araki, Izumi was born in Hokkaido of very atheistic parents. She became a Christian when she was 11 years old through Sunday school. While in nursing school, she become an active member of KGK (IFES) which shaped her faith. After working two years in an orphanage, she moved to UK to study art where she became a language teacher. In 2004, she moved to Canada to study theology at Regent College where she started to do Japanese diaspora ministry. She become an OMF missionary in 2011.