Five Necessary Elements For A Church That Shines In The Community

A church that was on the verge of closing ten years ago was able to have a miraculous recovery. After the earthquake, it is shining the light of Christ in the midst of the disaster area. What are the keys for making this possible? Bio: He was born in 1976, in Miyagi Prefecture, which had … Read more

Preparing Japanese to Return from the Start

In this webinar we will explore why it is so hard for Japanese to live as Christians or to continue seeking after they return to Japan, and think about what those of us sharing the gospel with Japanese overseas can do to make this transition easier for them.

Equipping Lay Leaders

Anyone working with Japanese Christians who has tried to develop leaders recognizes there are unique cultural challenges. While there are no silver bullet solutions, this seminar will discuss some of the barriers and suggest approaches to lay leadership development among Japanese Christians.

I want to be a missionary to Japan! But what do I do?

If you’re wanting to be a missionary to Japan, this workshop will provide information to help you with foundational things to consider, ending with how to find a missionary sending agency. Things we will cover: Calling, Language, Support-Raising, Personal gifting/talents, Passion, how to find a missionary sending agency. Bio: Rev. Dr. Rick Chuman is the … Read more

Toward Gospel Access for All

This Webinar will give you a sense of the settings, corresponding needed actions, and variety of approaches and roles through which the whole body of Christ can bring gospel coverage to each area and leave behind or sustain permanent local gospel presence for all living in the 1650 municipalities of Japan still lacking an initial … Read more