Culture Clash: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each Other (2009)

September 23, 2022 · Culture and Religion · Darien Reinman

2009 Conference Presentation: No two cultures differ quite as much as American and Japanese culture. It’s no wonder why Americans and Japanese have such a difficult time understanding each other. This presentation, based on Nancy Sakamoto’s Polite Fictions , attempts to bridge the gap by getting to the root of our cultural misunderstandings. Seminar materials will cause you to think and will begin to break down the wall of frustration you might have in trying to understand your Japanese/American counterpart.

Bio: Darien served as a missionary to Japan for 15 years working as a teacher and assisting with church planting. He has a Biblical Studies degree from Bethany University and a Masters degree in Linguistics from University of Surrey. Darien lives in Northern California with his wife and daughter where they own and operate Monarch Christian Schools.