Challenge of Being Christian in Non-Christian Cultures

September 23, 2022 · Culture and Religion · Ryoichi Takeda

Everyone is born into a culture and is raised in it. His/her culture is norm (even best and correct) to him. We are living in a various cultures. None of us is living in a vacuum. What does the sovereignty of God mean in the culture of democracy? American Christianity is greatly influenced by American culture and its values. Should we transplant American Christianity to Japan? How should we prepare young Christians who have become believers in America, and now going back to Japan? What are they expecting or looking for? Bio:竹田亮一 1965年に福岡市の鳥飼バプテスト教会においてクリスチャンとなり受洗しました。牧会経験は1975年からですが、77年からは北米で、そのほとんどはカナダ人、アメリカ人教会での牧会です。1997年からは、ワシントン州ブレイン市のBlaine Christian Fellowshipでの牧会です。Vancouver (BC)にあるRegent Collegeの卒業生です(‘90)。家族は、妻(Lydia – オランダ人/カナダ人)と子供二人です。 I became a Christian, and was baptized at Torikai Baptist Church, Fukuoka in 1965. I amcurrently pastor of Blaine Christian Fellowship (non-denominational) in Blaine, WA (since 1997).