Five Necessary Elements For A Church That Shines In The Community

A church that was on the verge of closing ten years ago was able to have a miraculous recovery. After the earthquake, it is shining the light of Christ in the midst of the disaster area. What are the keys for making this possible? Bio: He was born in 1976, in Miyagi Prefecture, which had … Read more

Suicide Prevention & Other Counseling Needs

Pastor Fujiyabu will share insights concerning how the gospel can meet the needs of those without hope. Bio: Pastor of the Shirahama Baptist Church, located in Shirahama, Wakayama. The Shirahama Cliffs are famous for suicides, leading the church and Pastor Fujiyabu to an active suicide prevention ministry which has become nationally known.

Understanding Hikikomori

Hikikomori means being isolated or confined in Japanese. It’s used for adolescents or adults who withdrew from society and seek extreme degrees of isolation. This became a national problem in Japan. It affected 800,000 people in the country according to 2019 data. According to the Japanese government census, 540,000 people between the ages of 15 … Read more