Panel Concerning Ancestor Worship

Panel members: Takako Molgard, pastor of Horizon Japanese Ministry; Go Kaneda, pastor of Lynnwood Japanese Family Church; Motoo Iwai, pastor of Kiyose Evangelical Free Church; Moderator Richard Nakamura, Translator Tim Johnson.

Housing a Japanese? Don’t Panic!

This workshop reviews the rich experience in store for an American family when they host a Japanese student. It includes suggestions about what kind of a family should consider hosting, preparation before the student arrives, how American family customs affect the student, and preparing the heart of a student to open up to God. Suggestions … Read more

Seeing Double

In our globally connected world, more and more people are significantly shaped by two or more distinct cultures. How does this shape how we understand and respond to the good news of Jesus? How can we intentionally pray about and integrate our cultures of origin to deepen our devotion, discipleship, and delight in God?

Setting the Table For The Gospel

From the perspective of an international student, an explanation of the gospel, especially in his 2nd language, can feel like he is given a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle – WITHOUT the boxtop! Come and learn about a simple new discussion tool that paints the boxtop picture for him, and lays the foundation upon which the gospel … Read more

Reaching Japanese Business Men

1) Self Introduction : How I think and work as a Christian Japanese business man 2) To Christian Japanese business men (What can you do to serve the Lord as a business man?) 3) To those who are trying to reach out to Japanese business man (Important things when you reach out to Japanese business … Read more

How To Overcome Barriers To The Gospel

What keeps Japanese from coming to church? What keeps Japanese from believing in Jesus? How can we effectively minister to Japanese? I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the Bible and from my experience.