Five Necessary Elements For A Church That Shines In The Community

A church that was on the verge of closing ten years ago was able to have a miraculous recovery. After the earthquake, it is shining the light of Christ in the midst of the disaster area. What are the keys for making this possible? Bio: He was born in 1976, in Miyagi Prefecture, which had … Read more

Discipling and Growing Healthy Japanese Christians – Handout

Looking at some of the particular issues for Japanese Christians that need to be given special attention in order to help them grow into healthy followers of Christ. Truth and Harmony; Sensitivity in personal relationships; Confidence as a believer in society; Mentoring and training to serve etc. Bio: Tony and Pat have been serving with … Read more

Suicide Prevention & Other Counseling Needs

Pastor Fujiyabu will share insights concerning how the gospel can meet the needs of those without hope. Bio: Pastor of the Shirahama Baptist Church, located in Shirahama, Wakayama. The Shirahama Cliffs are famous for suicides, leading the church and Pastor Fujiyabu to an active suicide prevention ministry which has become nationally known.

Running A Successful Business In The USA As a Japanese Christian

Taro brings a special perspective to the American Business World. A devout believer, he is constantly looking for ways to share his faith and still keep within the confines of the Law. Living as a Christian in a secular Business environment brings its own challenges. Taro brings with him a history of over 25 years … Read more

Impacting The Japanese Community Through Music

Using music to do ministry (in Japan or anywhere) is about seeing the music as a tool and not the main thing. The main thing is Jesus, and it’s about walking in relationship with him and letting that overflow in the form of music. We will share “nuts and bolts” of using the tool of … Read more

Hiroshi Igarashi – Testimony and Prison Ministry

Bio: Hiroshi became a Christian during his third incarceration in Japan. It was at the beginning of a nine year sentence. The Lord has changed his life and has led him to start a new ministry called “Mother House” to help other ex-prisoners.

Cultural Barriers to Gospel

Why are the Japanese so hard to lead to Christ? Let’s take a look at some of the major cultural barriers behind their resistance to the Gospel. Bio: She was born in Shizuoka City in Japan and has been living in the US for about 23 years. In 1997, an American woman who was on … Read more