I want to be a missionary to Japan! But what do I do?

If you’re wanting to be a missionary to Japan, this workshop will provide information to help you with foundational things to consider, ending with how to find a missionary sending agency. Things we will cover: Calling, Language, Support-Raising, Personal gifting/talents, Passion, how to find a missionary sending agency. Bio: Rev. Dr. Rick Chuman is the … Read more

Know Before You Go

This webinar will cover some key, “Know before you go,” topics for people visiting Japan. Most of the topics are basic, but even people with Japanese experience may learn a few things. Topics will include: the basics of courtesy (bowing, shoes, tatami, bathing, masks, body language, gifts, garbage) and practical skills (basic phrases, shopping, money, … Read more

Leading Short-term Trips to Japan

This webinar will give you some of the tools and strategies and you will need to engage in Japanese missions with an emphasis on: -Cultural Understanding -Language Learning -Partnership Development -Relationship Building -Prayer and Patience

Missionary 101

What are some of the realities of finding a mission agency that suits you. How to navigate support raising. What is your home base? Are you the only Christian in your family? Bio: Roberta went to Japan as a full-time missionary in 1991, having been greatly influenced by her time as a short-termer after college. … Read more