Equipping Lay Leaders

Anyone working with Japanese Christians who has tried to develop leaders recognizes there are unique cultural challenges. While there are no silver bullet solutions, this seminar will discuss some of the barriers and suggest approaches to lay leadership development among Japanese Christians.

Mentoring for Making Disciples Among Japanese

In this webinar, you will discover how mentoring is key for spiritual growth and revival in Japan. Mentoring and discipling someone is a spiritual investment that takes time and energy. However, as their faith is rooted in Christ, multiplication through evangelism and discipleship can happen. We will take a look at this type of discipling … Read more

Differences Between Mentoring and Couching

Jesus said he would build his church. When Jesus gave the disciples their final mission for their role in accomplishing his task, Jesus specified their focus was to “make disciples of all nations”. As we focus on making disciples, there are different ways to do so. This is because we live in a diverse world … Read more

Discovery Bible Study

Ian Downs will introduce an approach to discipleship that is transforming the way we reach spiritual seekers with the Word of God. Discovery Bible Study is designed to be Simple, Biblical, and Reproducible, so that from the very beginning we are discipling disciple makers.

Using Mentoring To Impact Lives

In this webniar, you will discover how discipling, particularly mentoring, is key for spiritual growth and revival in Japan.

メンタリングへのすすめ〜キリストの弟子として成長し、弟子を育てていこう! What is Mentoring? – Let’s Make a difference in Discipling!

メンターとして仕えることは、霊的な投資です!是非相手の成長に関わっていくことを学び、愛を実践していきましょう! これからメンターになってみたい方、メンタリングを通して誰かの霊的成長を導きたい方に焦点をあてたワークショップです。メンタリングの重要性や有効性と共に、メンターとして仕えるための資質やイエス様にならう態度について見ていきます。あなたをメンターとして必要としている人がいます! (The workshop will be in Japanese.) Mentoring someone is a great spiritual investment. It is a biblical way to “love your neighbor.” In this workshop, you will learn that discipling and mentoring are key for spiritual growth and revival in Japan. Please bring your open heart to receive God’s calling to make a … Read more

Mentoring Within The Japanese Mind

In this seminar, we will see how mentoring works in the Japanese mind and why it is effective. We will look at the method as well as some examples of the material and planning strategy. Also we will look at how this can be used for outreach, as well as equipping. Bio: Araki, Izumi was … Read more