Utilizing the Arts to Reach Japanese

This session gives examples of effective arts-related outreach to Japanese and ideas on how to implement arts related outreach to Japanese in your context. Bio: Paul has served in a variety of ministries in Japan for over twenty-five years. When the huge earthquake hit Japan in March of 2011, within three days he began doing … Read more

Reaching, Saving, Discipling & Mentoring Through New Media

How To Make The Most Of Websites, YouTube, Smart-phones And Social Networking For The Gospel! Bio: Andy was raised in Bangladesh as a missionary kid. Over the last 20 years he has pioneered new evangelism and church planting initiatives across Japan and with Japanese-speaking communities globally. He was the founder and director of ALPHA Japan … Read more

Sharing Your Testimony in Manga Form

Nate is Director of COMIX35, a Christian comics ministry offering international consultation, coaching, and seminars on the production and effective use of comics-style literature. Prior to that Nate made his living for 20+ years as a cartoonist, graphic artist, and writer/illustrator of comics. He worked on over a dozen characters, including the Muppets, Archie, Looney … Read more

Using Anime for Evangelism

Bio: Ingle, Tim is an animator and digital story teller. He is the chairman of Let’s Love Japan, a non-profit organization with the mission of sharing the Gospel in Japan through the use of entertainment media. He lives in the Washington D.C. area with his wife, Sarah, and their one-year-old son, Johan

Prospects for Reaching Japanese throughInternet and Digital Means

I will share Mustard Seed Network’s story of planting churches in urban Japan. From this case study I will offer principles of contextualization for church planting work in the cities of Japan. Speaker Bio: Seth Philip Seth and his wife Megan have been planting churches with Mustard Seed Network in Japan since 2010. They have … Read more