Homestay is a High Impact Ministry

Homestay is a very high impact ministry. We will discuss why that is the case and key components of successful hosting. The recent graduation speech of a young lady who lived with a loving Christian family for a year will illustrate the potential of hosting as ministry.

Hosting a Japanese Student 101

This power point presentation will teach you key points concerning Japanese culture, relationships, and how to share you faith in a natural way. This presentation is part of the RJC (Reaching Japanese for Christ) Academy.

Housing a Japanese? Don’t Panic!

This workshop reviews the rich experience in store for an American family when they host a Japanese student. It includes suggestions about what kind of a family should consider hosting, preparation before the student arrives, how American family customs affect the student, and preparing the heart of a student to open up to God. Suggestions … Read more

Reaching Japanese Through Homestays

Hosting a Japanese person is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to share Jesus. Being hosted by a family who loves Jesus is a tremendous opportunity to learn, to grow and to experience Jesus’ love. There are many organizations, Christian and secular, that can help make this happen.