ESL: An Old Door to a New Japanese Heart

In this seminar, through stories and pictures, you will learn why and how ESL can reach Japanese wives, primarily, of scholars and businessmen in America. Our 9-step strategy to launch an effective and sustainable ESL Outreach ministry will be explained in detail. We will also describe and show the importance of the 12-hour ESL Teacher … Read more

Talk Time Coordinator Job Description

This 2 page document outlines the role, vision, responsibilities, qualifications, time commitment and relationship required for a talk time coordinator

Talk Time Jobs

This 2 page document gives a list of the 8 volunteer jobs and their associted duties needed to run Talk Time

Talk Time Guidelines and Goals

This short document outlines guidelines for talk time, goals, activies to achieve, and points for fruitful involvement

Discipling ESL Christians

This seminar will explore practical ways to disciple ESL Christians. Some topics covered:1. How did Jesus and Paul disciple people from diverse backgrounds? 3. What is involved in a discipleship environment? 3. Some helpful tips to make discipleship more culturally relevant. 4. How can I get started? Bio:Bev and I have served on the staff … Read more