This webinar will introduce the concept of Bushido and explores the possibilities of Bushido to be employed as a spring board for our proclamation the Gospel in the Japanese culture.

Leading Short-term Trips to Japan

This webinar will give you some of the tools and strategies and you will need to engage in Japanese missions with an emphasis on: -Cultural Understanding -Language Learning -Partnership Development -Relationship Building -Prayer and Patience

Japanese Redemptive Analogy

Japanese Redemptive Analogy webinar will examine three main points: First, an indigenous Japanese name for the Creator God, and how it helps address the objection of Christianity being a foreign religion; Second, the parallel between the Japanese and Hebrew world view concerning sin and its solution; Third, share the redemptive analogy developed in Brian’s book, … Read more

Culture Clash: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each Other (2009)

2009 Conference Presentation: No two cultures differ quite as much as American and Japanese culture. It’s no wonder why Americans and Japanese have such a difficult time understanding each other. This presentation, based on Nancy Sakamoto’s Polite Fictions , attempts to bridge the gap by getting to the root of our cultural misunderstandings. Seminar materials … Read more

Concepts Affecting Japanese Worldview and National Character

Anyone who wants to reach the Japanese people for Christ must first understand the various elements that make up their worldview and shape the national character. In this seminar, Anne will give a basic overview of the Japanese worldview, touching on topics such as the influence of religion, family, education, and group consciousness. She will … Read more

Japanese Culture and Barriers to the Gospel

Why are the Japanese so hard to lead to Christ? Let’s take a look at some of the major cultural barriers behind their resistance to the Gospel. This seminar is for those who are new to the Japanese culture. Bio: Brown, Naoko was born and raised in Shizuoka City in Japan and has been living … Read more

Difficult Cultural Practices Christians Face

What Cultural Practices Can a Christian Do in Japan? Practical application exercises on what to do in difficult cultural situations. e.g. A Japanese father tells his eldest Christian son that, if he will not take care of the Butsudan, he has no respect for the Japanese people, his ancestors or his parents, so he will … Read more