Toward Gospel Access for All

This Webinar will give you a sense of the settings, corresponding needed actions, and variety of approaches and roles through which the whole body of Christ can bring gospel coverage to each area and leave behind or sustain permanent local gospel presence for all living in the 1650 municipalities of Japan still lacking an initial … Read more

Church Planting in Urban Japan

I will share Mustard Seed Network’s story of planting churches in urban Japan. From this case study I will offer principles of contextualization for church planting work in the cities of Japan.

What’s Currently Happening in Japan – Webinar

Through this webinar you will be able to catch some of what God is doing in Japan with evangelism/church planting and following up with returnees. Church Planting Institute and Global Returnee Conference. Reports from Dennis Peters, RJC Director and John Mehn, CPI Leadership Team Chair, and Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North America Director

Exploring Long-Term or Short-Term Service in Unchurched Parts of Japan

Learn how to touch the areas in rural Japan still lacking gospel access. For those considering future long-term service in Japan; retirees, gap year students, or others considering mid-term service; or those from Japan or who frequently travel to Japan to visit relatives or for business and thus have the potential to take or lead … Read more

What Is Church Growth? 教会成長とは何か:どのようにして30年で20倍のサイズになったのか

Bio: Yumiko is my wife. We have six children all grown up. We came originally from Japan in 1983, and we have been the pastor of Japanese International Baptist Church, Oregon for 30 years. 私の名前は横井マイクで、妻は由美子です。6名の子供達は皆、成人です。1983年、日本から渡米しました。 日本インターナショナルバプテスト教会牧師をして30年になります。 教会成長とは何か:どのようにして30 年で20倍のサイズになったのか。