Running A Successful Business In The USA As a Japanese Christian

Taro brings a special perspective to the American Business World. A devout believer, he is constantly looking for ways to share his faith and still keep within the confines of the Law. Living as a Christian in a secular Business environment brings its own challenges. Taro brings with him a history of over 25 years … Read more

Reaching Japanese Business Men

1) Self Introduction : How I think and work as a Christian Japanese business man 2) To Christian Japanese business men (What can you do to serve the Lord as a business man?) 3) To those who are trying to reach out to Japanese business man (Important things when you reach out to Japanese business … Read more

Time Management

Time management is a way of life. People who struggle with effective time management do either of the following: have no schedule to lead their daily routines, or pack too much into their schedules and burn out along the way. We will take time to look over our time management skills, and think about how … Read more

Sekai Creator-Developing Japan’s Future Leaders Internship

Steve will share the story behind starting Sekai Creator, an international business program for Japanese students, and provide a template for creating similar ministries. He will walk through the process of discovery and creation involved in Sekai Creator, share stories of God’s work, and answer questions related to the ministry. This seminar will be most … Read more

Challenges For Japanese Entering The Working World

Life transitions can be difficult for anyone, especially the transition from school to the working world. For our Japanese friends there are several more specific challenges that they will face as they prepare to enter the workforce in Japan. In this seminar, we will explore what some of these challenges are and how we can … Read more

Reaching The Busy Japanese Businessman

In the head – bridging the “we have different values” gap, b) In the heart – take away the hurt of the war c) In play – making kanji your friend for witnessing. Bio: Brad is a missionary kid who was born and raised in Japan until he was 17 and is fluent in Japanese. … Read more

Three Things To Know When Talking With Japanese Men

There are always more females than males in church, and in a Japanese church it’s almost a startling 9:1 ratio! But the majority of the Bible is focused on men. Why does the Bible not appeal to Japanese men? Are they too stubborn, too smart to listen? Or are they just afraid? Of course, there … Read more