Film, A Way To Share The Gospel: How To Read Story/culture And Converse With Non-Christians, 映画:物語と文化を読み、どんな会話をするのか・・・アウトリーチのあり方を考える

Can we watch an ordinary film and share the Gospel in the non-threatening way? Does it have to be the “Christian film”? How do we engage in the “story” make the conversation on the whole different level? Japanese has the culture of “Kamima-miru (see in hiding thing in between). If so how we can have … Read more

The Work of Sadao Watanabe

Anne Pyle discusses the art and life and faith of her teacher, Watanabe Sadao, Japan’s most famous Christian printmaker. Anne Pyle has the world’s largest collection of his art, and has written and lectured extensively on his art. All of Watanabe’s prints depict Biblical themes and are in the leading museums of the world. Anne … Read more

Using The Arts To Reach Japanese For Christ

Paul will present examples of effective arts related outreach to Japanese and ideas on how to implement arts related outreach to Japanese in your context. Bio:Paul has served in a variety of ministries in Japan for over twenty-five years. When the huge earthquake hit Japan in March of 2011, within three days he began doing … Read more