Film, A Way To Share The Gospel: How To Read Story/culture And Converse With Non-Christians, 映画:物語と文化を読み、どんな会話をするのか・・・アウトリーチのあり方を考える

Can we watch an ordinary film and share the Gospel in the non-threatening way? Does it have to be the “Christian film”? How do we engage in the “story” make the conversation on the whole different level? Japanese has the culture of “Kamima-miru (see in hiding thing in between). If so how we can have … Read more

Mentoring Within The Japanese Mind

In this seminar, we will see how mentoring works in the Japanese mind and why it is effective. We will look at the method as well as some examples of the material and planning strategy. Also we will look at how this can be used for outreach, as well as equipping. Bio: Araki, Izumi was … Read more

Lessons from Outstanding Christian Leaders

Bio:Izumi graduated from Regent College in 2007. She is currently writing about Nitobe Memorial Garden in UBC from a Christian persective. She is also doing ministry with Japanese visitors in Vancouver to help connect local English speaking churches and churches in Japan. In addition, she is a freelance translator, interpreter, and craftsman.

Ministry Showcase Open Mic

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