Panel Concerning Ancestor Worship

Panel members: Takako Molgard, pastor of Horizon Japanese Ministry; Go Kaneda, pastor of Lynnwood Japanese Family Church; Motoo Iwai, pastor of Kiyose Evangelical Free Church; Moderator Richard Nakamura, Translator Tim Johnson.

How To Overcome Barriers To The Gospel

What keeps Japanese from coming to church? What keeps Japanese from believing in Jesus? How can we effectively minister to Japanese? I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the Bible and from my experience.

「聖書的な「実を結ぶ伝道」 Evangelism in the Biblical Big Picture

人が救われればハレルヤ!」 本当にそうでしょうか?聖書における伝道は一時的、一発的なイベントではなく、継続的ミニストリーの一部です。大宣教命令に目を向けて、神様が描いておら れる「救い」のピクチャーの中でどのような伝道が「実を結ぶ伝道」につながるのかを考えます。 “All I want is for him or her to accept the Lord!!” Really? Biblical evangelism is not a ‘one-time’ event, but part of a continuous ministry. We will look at the Great Commission and think what kind of evangelism will bear fruit in the big picture of God’s salvation plan.

Santa Clause & Culture

This short conference recording looks at the import of western Santa Clause Christmas culture to Japan and the confusion that it causes in understanding what is cultural and what is truth that is imported by missionaries and foreigners.

Preparing A Japanese Matsuri

Gordon Kaneda shares in this conference seminar about their experience in deciding if or how they should hold a matsuri as a means of outreach and how they executed this event.