Difficult Cultural Practices Christians Face

What Cultural Practices Can a Christian Do in Japan? Practical application exercises on what to do in difficult cultural situations. e.g. A Japanese father tells his eldest Christian son that, if he will not take care of the Butsudan, he has no respect for the Japanese people, his ancestors or his parents, so he will … Read more

Santa Clause & Culture

This short conference recording looks at the import of western Santa Clause Christmas culture to Japan and the confusion that it causes in understanding what is cultural and what is truth that is imported by missionaries and foreigners.

Preparing A Japanese Matsuri

Gordon Kaneda shares in this conference seminar about their experience in deciding if or how they should hold a matsuri as a means of outreach and how they executed this event.

Culture Specific Evangelism

“If a PC computer user said, “I use a PC because the MAC computer is just garbage, it can’t process anything!” A MAC user would reply, “No way, the MAC is the best!” Well, says the PC user, “I can prove the MAC is a hunk of junk right now!” “How can you prove that … Read more