Advice For Missionaries In Training

September 23, 2022 · RJC International Conference 2013 · Masahiro Takata

Cross-cultural workers often fail because of lack of spiritual readiness (relationship with the Lord), Interpersonal skills (relationship with others), and intercultural skills (cross-cultural competence) rather than academic and technical skills. It is so important to deepen their relationship with the Lord and face up to the emotional and spiritual challenges of living in another culture. It is also important to deepen their understanding and appreciation of people of other cultures. We would like to share these insights in order to make our missionary training successful.
Bio: He and his wife have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators (Wycliffe Global Alliance) for the last 30 years. They served in Indonesia and Philippines as Bible translators, and have filed various roles in the organization in Asia and Internationally. He also served as director of Wycliffe missionary training in Asia. His current role is as a consultant of Diaspora for the Church Engagement Services in Wycliffe Asia-Pacific.