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Pray for Japan

My name is Fabio Ikedo. I am a medical doctor and an evangelical christian. I have lived in Japan since last year where I work as a physician with development of new medications.

Some Christians have prayed for Japan, asking for a revival. I have contacted persons from different churches (with positive responses) in Japan (and overseas). The proposal is to pray for Japan on Wednesdays at 7,30 pm, joining prayers at least one day a week (even being in different places). I have set up my mobile to beep at 7,30 pm on Wednesdays. Then I will stop my activity for a while and pray for Japan. We have prayed for Japan (and a revival) every day but it is good to know that one day a week, around the same time, we, as Christians, will focus on Japan. It would be wonderful if RJC could also support this proposal.

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