Often I process things in my sleep and often my ideas seem of God during the night, but not so clear when I awake.

Last night I was thinking how the Lord was moving along the two mini-conferences (half-day), one in Chicago and one in Minneapolis. It is exciting and I am looking forward to being there with them. But my part has been very minimal. It basically has been two conference calls and the promise that I would show up. I won’t be doing a seminar, lead a meeting or even do a powerpoint, just show up.

Then I was thinking about all the other places that we should have half-day conferences, Columbus, OH, Nashville, TN, Michigan, East Coast, Hawaii, etc.  I was getting more tired as I slept. Then I realized in my sleep that I wasn’t the key to doing these things, but just needed to toss out the idea and give a few suggestions. The fact of my actually going probably isn’t as important as just doing some encouragement.

So I am wondering, maybe what we need is a little RJC Academy class on how to plan a mini-conference, a regional conference and an international conference.

Any thoughts?  Anyone want to help?