Steve Young shares this about the coming October 4 Japanese ministry event.

JapaneseMusicConcert_Oct4_2014Nashville & Japan music connection concert plus the Japanese world view seminar.

We will have a paper presented and discussion on the Japanese barriers to the gospel of Christ.

Those interested in missions and the Japanese people will find this very enlightening. There will also be a simple Japanese style lunch. Anybody can join.

October 4, Sat, music concert with people who have performed in Japan. This will be a great opportunity to hear great music and meet some Japanese who live in the Nashville area. It will be in English and some Japanese will be thrown in.
The late morning is to learn about the Japanese mind set and then a lunch that is popular in the school system of Japan. A talk on music in Nashville and then the 2:30 concert will begin. Please join us for a great Saturday afternoon. Any
promotion is appreciated and it is all free at Christ Church.

We are inviting the Japanese community and anybody else who may be interested.

Thank you. A separate children’s program during the concert.
Stephen Young