• There are close to 1,800 missionaries listed in the JEMA (Japan Evangelical Missionary Association) Directory 2019. In the midst of difficult financial times many of these come back from Japan for deputation and struggle to raise sufficient support in order to return. Newer missionary candidates struggle to raise their initial support to begin their missionary careers.

This page is available for missionaries and missionary candidates to post information that will help us to pray for them, and as the Lord leads, to help support them. Please send information to Don Wright.

Missionary Candidates

John and Silvia Eisenmann (Updated October, 2013)
Paul and Liz Godwin (Updated October, 2013)

Tom and Karen Mirabella (Added October, 2013)
David and Tomo Robison(Revised November 16, 2012)
Jon and Maki Robison
Ian Smith
Jim Tilus
Christine Wisniewski (Updated January, 2014)
Joey and Yisel Zorina (Updated October, 2013)


Missionary Candidates

Christine Wisniewski

christinewisniewski As a volunteer Christian post-abortion support counselor, God brought to Christine’s attention the practice of abortion in Japan. After learning of its high abortion rate and lack of Christian resources, Christine began to pray for Japan. God answered by sending her there for six months in 2011 to research the needs for women suffering from the trauma of their abortions.

While there, God confirmed the great need for Christ-centered post-abortion support counseling. In a nation where Christianity is less than 1%, the act of abortion has truly created a vast mission field. God hears the silent cries from Japanese mothers yearning for the forgiveness, hope, and healing that only the Lord Jesus Christ can provide. How much these women need to hear of Him! As an ambassador for Christ, Christine is praying to be one sent unto them.

In October 2012 Christine was appointed a missionary candidate with OMF International to serve full-term in Japan in May 2014. To partner with Christine in reaching the Japanese people for Christ please contact her by email, or visit partner support.

John and Silvia Eisenmann

We are John and Silvia Eisenmann, missionaries with Project AmaZon, serving in the Amazon Basin of Brazil. Our work is dedicated to supporting national church planting in the rural areas of the Amazon as well as developing disciples in an urban church. In 2014, we will be moving mission fields with our 1 year old son Antony, adapting what we have learned to the Japanese of Japan. We will join a team of families from Brazil that will work to establish a church planting and discipleship movement in the metropolitan Tokyo area, reaching out to the international population. We are anxious to work amongst such a needy people group and believe that now is a time for the Holy Spirit to move in Japan! To learn about our ministry, family, or how you can partner with us to reach the Japanese of Japan, please visit our website, http://www.johnandsilvia.com/.

(Updated-10/2013) Tom and Karen Mirabella

Tom and Karen Mirabella

(Updated-10/2013) Tom and Karen Mirabella have been called to serve with Mission to the World (MTW) on a ministry team working with the Presbyterian Church of Japan to grow healthy, Christ-centered and gospel-focused churches in Chiba, Japan (Eastern Tokyo metropolitan area).

The Mirabellas both grew up in Northern Virginia and met at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where they were involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. They have been married since 1998 and have 5 children: Kylie (1999), Josiah (2000), AJ (2004), Matthias and Leighton (twins, 2007). Tom graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2005 and was ordained as a pastor in 2007. He recently stepped down as Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church (PCA) in Sherwood, Arkansas in order to prepare full-time for the missions field. Prior to living in Arkansas the Mirabellas served churches in Virginia and Florida.
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Paul and Liz Godwin

(Updated 10/2013) Liz is doing Returnee follow-up and attempting to start international student ministry near key campuses in the Kansai area. Many International Students come in contact with the Gospel while living overseas, put their faith in Christ and then return to their country. The number of students who return to Japan as new Christians or those just beginning to seek the Lord is around 1600 per year. Yet 80% of those who return as Christians fall away from the faith within three years of returning to Japan.

Liz is working hard to:
• Introduce Returnees to Christian ESL Ministries, Churches, and to others who have been abroad in order to encourage one another, pray together and enjoy personal fellowship.
• Liz is adding updates to the ISI Returnee database.
• We also hope to Disciple and Encourage Returnees to reach out to others to start Talk Times or ICF (International Christian Fellowships) in Japan.

• Is working alongside a TEAM church planter – Kobe, Japan – in an English language ministry as a platform to engage in ISM (Int’l Student Ministry): Talk Time, ICF, ESL Bible Studies, etc.
• Is researching Kansai Region university and college campuses to learn which have international student ministry in place or have potential for ISM.

Would you consider becoming a Financial Partner or Prayer Partner?
You can give to the Godwin’s account through ISI Donor Services:
ISI, Godwin Account #5383
Mail: PO Box C, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Calling: 1-800-474-8628
Giving Envelope: from Liz
Credit Card Donation:
Easy Giving Plan: from Checking account
Online Giving http://www.isionline.org/Home/LizGodwin.aspx


Jim Tilus

I am a missionary associate with International Student Friendship at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I graduated from North Central University in 2006 with a degree in Campus Missions/Intercultural Studies. In the fall of 2007, God led me to connect with local Japanese Christians to develop focused outreach to Japanese students in Minneapolis. This led to the development of a ministry called Japanese Student Connections.

Our purpose is to develop a family like community between believers and Japanese Students. We seek to practically serve them, build influential friendships and share the gospel. I have been blessed with several committed ministry leaders who have worked to see JSC become a trusted and influential ministry within the local Japanese student community. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about supporting this exciting ministry. (Email Tilus Ministry)

David and Tomo Robison

  • Dave and Tomo Robison are preparing to serve in Iwate Japan through JEMS, to partner with the Iwate 3.11 Church network. Their goal is to aide in establishing reproducing churches among the Tsunami devastated coastal towns of Iwate, Japan. Dave has been served as a youth pastor, bible study leader and elder at their local church. Tomo is Japanese and was raised in Tokyo, serving faithfully for many years at the church where her father pastored. In 2003 Dave participated in a short term trip to serve at Tomo’s church, where they met for the first time. They were married in 2009, and began raising support to serve as missionaries in Japan. In 2011, after the events of the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami they felt God leading them to serve among the Tsunami devistated region of Tohoku.
  • Through the faithful work of both Japanese and International Christians who have been assisting in disaster relief and survivor care since the Tsunami hit, God is opening the hearts of the people of Iwate to hear the gospel. Many of the cities struck by the Tsunami have no evangelical church, and have never had a Christian influence in their history. As many of the short term workers begin to return to their homes there is now an urgent need for long term missionaries to partner with the few Japanese churches in the area in order to build upon the relationships and trust earned by the short term workers, in the hopes of establishing new churches that can continue to share the love of Christ with the people of Iwate for many years to come.
  • Along with their son one year old son Titus, Dave and Tomo intend to move to Iwate in March of 2013, where they will spend their first two year term in preparation to begin church planting. During that time they will prayerfully seek out partners with which to join or form a church planting team, determine which city God is working in to raise up new believers in need of a church, participate in survivor care ministries, and dedicate time for Dave to advance in language acquisition.
  • For more information, please visit our web site. Sending organization: JEMS.

Joey and Yisel Zorina

  • (Updated 10/2013) Hi, my name is Joey Zorina. Before I met Jesus, I spent my life as a guitar player, a studio musician, and worked as Rock Street Journal correspondent. My life was in a mess until God’s grace changed my life completely. I graduated from a very small training school called- Harvest Bible Training Centre in India. After I came to Japan in 2004 I studied at Tokyo Christian University and completed the Asian Christian Theological Studies program. I am currently working as part-time writing staff for Living Life (A Journal of Reflection and Spiritual Formation for Duranno International Ministry) published in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I also had the privilege of starting and leading a music outreach to Jazz musicians, their friends and their families about two years ago, which has been well-received by God’s grace. The Bridge is conducted only once every 3 months, which gives us time for following up on our people on a personal level.
  • My wife, Yisel, is from Uruguay in South America. She graduated from Heritage Bible College & Seminary (2006), Ontario, Canada. She taught kindergarten at International Christian Academy of Nagoya for 5 years before we moved to Kawasaki. She is currently working at an international school in Tokyo. This is our 10th and 8th year, respectively, and we hope God will give us many more years of fruitful service among the Japanese for whom Christ died and rose again.
  • By God’s grace we are also currently leading a missional community in our home, and are working with a another missional community in Fuchu led by a Japanese pastor/church planter. We hope to launch our first worship gathering after we have launched 2 more missional communities. More leaders and missionaries are now praying and getting ready to join us in helping lead missional communities as a primary means of making disciples who will make other disciples.
  • Both churches in our home countries (i.e India and Uruguay) are not yet capable of supporting us financially, though we are sent out by our home Church prayerfully. So we are dependent on the generosity of individuals and Churches across the globe for our ministry expenses. We have seen God’s providence in remarkable ways, even from those who have never met us and this has been a testimony of God’s faithfulness to His call.
  • Please pray for and with us. If you feel led by the Spirit, at anytime, to support The Bridge music outreach please follow the link below. All giving will be used for its intended and designated purposes- like rental facilities etc. Towards that end, we are also very happy to provide you an electronic copy of receipts for all your ministry donations should you desire. Here is the link.
  • Our ministry blog

Ian Smith

Missionary with Converge Worldwide

  • Hello, my name is Ian Smith and I have been called by God to the nation of Japan to help establish and strengthen Japanese churches! I am originally from Olympia, Washington and have lived in Seattle, Tokyo, Chicago and South Korea.
  • In 2008 I had the opportunity to live in Tokyo for six months and serve with a church doing student outreach–God used this time to develop in my heart a love for the Japanese people and a desire to see a move of the Holy Spirit that would bring many Japanese to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • I studied International Studies Asia and History at the University of Washington in Seattle, and as preparation for further ministry in Japan I recently completed my graduate studies in Intercultural Studies and Missions at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.
  • I came to faith in Jesus as a teenager and I am passionate about proclaiming the Gospel. As a Converge Worldwide missionary I desire to work in partnership with the local church in Japan to help plant multiplying transformational churches among the Japanese.
  • Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. Please consider partnering with me financially, you can find out how to give here: http://www.convergeworldwide.org/give/195675

Jon and Maki Robison

Missionaries raising support with JEMS

  • Hi! We are Jon and Maki Robison We have spent a three year term as missionaries in Tokyo, but when we return to Japan in January we will move north to tsunami-struck Iwate prefecture right away.
  • Iwate is the third least Christian (by ratio) prefecture in all of Japan. Out of the almost 2,000 missionaries in Japan less than a dozen are working in Iwate, and many of them are scheduled to phase-out relief operations in the prefecture by the end of 2013.
  • Iwate doesn’t have an American school, so missionary families are virtually nonexistent. As our kids are dual-citizens we feel comfortable using the Japanese schools, and after visiting Iwate in February, we feel it’s a great ministry opportunity for our family!
  • Our goal is to plug into a community and become involved immediately in order to either help an existing church plant grow, or start a new church in an unreached community. We are currently looking for more prayer and support partners. Feel free to contact us, check out our website or check out our past prayer updates via twitter!

Here is our contact info:

e-mail: jonandmaki@gmail.com
website: jonandmaki.com
twiter: @jonandmaki

If you would like to donate to our ministry you can do so here! and select ‘Japan International Ministry’, then ‘Jon and Maki Robison’.