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“Mobilzation is the Key in Discipling” by Matt Barany, April 8th, 2019,

RJC Webinar 12-11-2015Reaching Japanese for Christ Webinar
December 11, 2015
John Mehn, Setsu Shimizu, Dennis PetersReports from Dennis Peters, RJC Director and John Mehn, CPI Leadership Team Chair, concerning the latest Japan CPI National Conference, and reports from Setsu Shimizu, JCFN North America Director, concerning the Global Returnees Conference. 12-11-2015Link
TakamizawaJapanese Culture and EvangelismDr. Eiko Takamizawa5 patterns of accepting Christianity 5-10-2016Link
ShigematsuSpiritual Formation and MinistryDr. Ken ShigematsuLife-Giving Rhythms 4-12Link
Webinar #4Culture Specific Evangelism Principles Which Can Revolutionize Your MissionDr. Daniel KikawaThe importance of culture specific evangelism. Webinar 5-31-2016Link
Webinar RJCCulture Specific Evangelism for Reaching JapaneseDr. Daniel KikawaHow to apply the principles of culture specific evangelism in our ministry for JapaneseLink
SiscoWebinarThe Undeniable Gospel for The JapaneseKent SiscoA simple way to share the gospel message with Kanji from the Bible. A Related PPT and TractLink
rjcwebinar-freedom-in-jesus-v3Freedom In Jesus For Japanese WomenAnne Crescini and Minako WilkinsonA presentation on shame and vulnerability and how these affect the friendships and relationships of Japanese women. Also, how they impact our ministry to women. RJC Webinar Handout- Minako Wilkinson
RJC Shame and Vulnerability--Anne Crescini Handout
rjcwebinar-freedom-in-jesus-v3#2 Freedom In Jesus For Japanese WomenAnne Crescini and Minako Wilkinson Our topic focuses on raising children, which includes the relationships between parent and child (especially the mother) and the part that shame and honor plays in teaching and disciplining kids.
RJC Children and Family
Equip Yourself to Prepare ReturneesSetsu Shimizu In order for us to be able to prepare the returnees before they return to Japan, we need to prepare, equip, and train ourselves so that we can serve them in the best way we can.
The Witness God Left In The Origins Of Chinese CharactersTim Boyle The “witness” God appears to have left in the makeup of numerous Chinese characters that were adopted by the Japanese is one touchpoint that can be used to help the Christian message seem more at home to Japanese.Link
Learning From Our Retired Japan MissionariesKropps, Schmidts, LeafsThe lessons shared here will be valuable for people preparing to go to JapanLink
Using Mentoring To Impact LivesMayumi PohlIn this webniar, you will discover how discipling, particularly mentoring, is key for spiritual growth and revival in Japan. Link
Five Stations to The Top Of Mt. Fuji (Key Stages in Relational EvangelismSylvia Ramquist Nov 30, 2017In the story of Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus, we can observe 5 stages of relational evangelism that apply to us as we seek more Japanese people becoming Christ followers.Link
Crossing The Cultural DivideAnne & Riz CresciniEvery culture has a worldview which determines how people think and interact with the people around them. A worldview is a mental map through which people interpret objective reality. Link
Breaking The Code For Effecting Evangelism In Japan Through Innovation and ContextualizationKen Taylor March 1, 2018This webinar will explore tried and proven principles for effective evangelism through innovation and contextualization. Link
Developing Points of Contact for Keeping a Community TogetherJim T July 2, 2018During this webinar Jim will take us through the steps of making connections with students and developing points of contact for keeping a community together.Private Link. Request from
Developing Fruitful Friendships with JapaneseAndy Pearce, August 7, 2018Learn how authentic relationships with/among Japanese can lead to softened hearts and deep, transparent friendships. These friendships open the door to the experiencing of the Gospel and its power in both words and action. As lives are transformed and discipleship begins, the desire to serve others in the name of Jesus develops. Practical steps for developing fruitful ministry based on friendship will be discussed.
How to be an Effective Host Family for the LordWarren Griffith, 9/ 21/
Learn how you can help reach Japanese students for Christ in your area by hosting and befriending them. Link
The Perfect/Broken Diagram: Setting the Table for the GospelCam Caughlan, 11/6/18We live in a culture that increasingly moves away from viewing the gospel as being relevant to the well-being of society. And as the nations come to our streets as our neighbors, the religious notions they bring further dilute the gospel's potency. HOW do we reach our neighbors, co-workers, and family members that are affected by these cultural shifts? There's a powerful discussion tool that establishes the common ground of brokenness with our unbelieving friends, and puts their general worldview side-by-side with the Christian worldview to bridge the understanding gap, and "till the soil" for future productive spiritual discussion. Join this webinar to learn "The Perfect/Broken Diagram", and open the door to fruitful conversations with your neighbors and friends.Link
Homestay is a High Impact MinistryPerry Gibson, 10/3/18 Homestay is a very high impact ministry. We will discuss why that is the case and key components of successful hosting. The recent graduation speech of a young lady who lived with a loving Christian family for a year will illustrate the potential of hosting as ministry.Link
Discovery Bible StudyIan Downs, 1/8/19 Ian Downs will introduce an approach to discipleship that is transforming the way we reach spiritual seekers with the Word of God. Discovery Bible Study is designed to be Simple, Biblical, and Reproducible, so that from the very beginning we are discipling disciple makers. Link
Equipping Lay LeadersBob Drews, 3/4/19Anyone working with Japanese Christians who has tried to develop leaders recognizes there are unique cultural challenges. While there are no silver bullet solutions, this seminar will discuss some of the barriers and suggest approaches to lay leadership development among Japanese Christians.
Mobilization is the Key in DiscuplingMatt Barany, 4/8/19What mobilization is, who are mobilizers and what do they do, how mobilization works within the context of missions and local church, how you can become involved, and how mobilizing plays a crucial role in discipleship. Link
Mentoring for Making Disciples Among JapaneseMayumi Pohl, 5/6/19 In this webinar, you will discover how mentoring is key for spiritual growth and revival in Japan. Mentoring and discipling someone is a spiritual investment that takes time and energy. However, as their faith is rooted in Christ, multiplication through evangelism and discipleship can happen. We will take a look at this type of discipling approach from the Japanese cultural aspect. Some of the fruitful stories will be also shared during the webinar. Link
Differences Between Mentoring and CouchingJeremy Brooks, 6/3/19Jesus said he would build his church. When Jesus gave the disciples their final mission for their role in accomplishing his task, Jesus specified their focus was to "make disciples of all nations”. As we focus on making disciples, there are different ways to do so. This is because we live in a diverse world with a variety of contexts and people. In this webinar, we will focus on a topic that is often confusing: the differences between mentoring and coaching. Both of these types of relationships are biblical and helpful for making disciples. Comparing and contrasting these two kinds of discipleship relationships helps us understand how each uniquely contributes to fulfilling the Great Commission. Link
The Science of Story to Message the GospelRandal Gilmore, 7/2/19How one ministry in Japan is using the science of story to message the gospel…and getting results! Link
Going Deeper with DiscoveryIan Downs, 7/29/19Have you tinkered with Discovery Bible Study? Do you know why we ask the questions we do? What is a successful Discovery Study? This webinar is great for folks who've had some exposure to Discovery Bible Study, but still have questions, or for those who need a refresher on this disciple-making approach.Link
Worship Planning and LeadingNancy Nethercott, 9/9/19There are reasons why we do what we do in worship, why we sing
songs or pray at particular times in the flow of worship, and how what we say to move from
one element to another can be simultaneously instructive and formative.
Japanese Redemptive AnalogyBrian McGregorJapanese Redemptive Analogy webinar will examine three main points: First, an indigenous Japanese name for the Creator God, and how it helps address the objection of Christianity being a foreign religion; Second, the parallel between the Japanese and Hebrew world view concerning sin and its solution; Third, share the redemptive analogy developed in Brian's book, Shinto: the Gospel's Gate.Link
Church Planting in Urban JapanSeth Philip-Mustard Seed Network I will share Mustard Seed Network’s story of planting churches in urban Japan. From this case study I will offer principles of contextualization for church planting work in the cities of Japan.Link
Leading Short-term Trips to JapanJohn Criswell-Japan Reacj This webinar will give you some of the tools and strategies and you will need to engage in Japanese missions with an emphasis on:
-Cultural Understanding
-Language Learning
-Partnership Development
-Relationship Building
-Prayer and Patience
ESL: An Old Door to a New Japanese HeartBruce Lyman-ESL ProgramIn this seminar, through stories and pictures, you will learn why and how ESL can reach Japanese wives, primarily, of scholars and businessmen in America. Our 9-step strategy to launch an effective and sustainable ESL Outreach ministry will be explained in detail. We will also describe and show the importance of the 12-hour ESL Teacher Training Workshop to fully equip your team - even if they have NO experience with ESL or teaching.Link
Attractional LeadershipSteve Welling 4/6/20Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be - Elevate Your Impact .
In this webinar we will walk through the TARGET blueprint that grows healthy, impactful, attractional leaders. You will learn leadership fundamentals that can't be ignored. You will understand why some leaders under-perform and the balance between success and significance. You will also discover how to create a path for your own attractional leadership.
This webinar is ideal for the person who realizes that they are working hard but not growing in influence. It is for those who need to work with and develop other leaders. It is especially important for those who feel stuck in their leadership capacity, recognizing they need help with the art and skill of leadership.
Evangelism and Discipleship Tools for Reaching JapaneseDon Regier 6/8/20Recommended Evangelism Tools which lists 250 titles, including 50 titles form other Christian and secular publishers. Link
Wounded Tiger, The Evangelistic ToolMartin Bennett 7/6/20This summer will be the 75th anniversary of the end of the Pacific War and the extraordinary true story of Mitsuo Fuchida and how he came to faith is one of the best stories to come out of the war. "Wounded Tiger" has won a national Book of the Year award, #1 bestseller status in four categories on Amazon, and one of the very highest five-star ratings of any novel on Amazon. It appeals equally to believers and non-believers and is a catalyst to encourage others to want to know more. Link
Evangelism, Discipleship, And Lessons Learned From Making Disciples In JapanChristie Moon 10/5/20This webinar will explore the topic of discipleship and lessons learned from making disciples in Japan. Discipleship involves commitment beyond evangelism and teaching in a classroom. Disciple-making includes an open door into your family and your home. When making disciples in Japan, or who are from Japan, it is helpful to consider the unique challenges they face and their differences in worldview. Link
Know Before You GoDan Ellrick 1/9/21This webinar will cover some key, “Know before you go,” topics for people visiting Japan. Most of the topics are basic, but even people with Japanese experience may learn a few things. Topics will include: the basics of courtesy (bowing, shoes, tatami, bathing, masks, body language, gifts, garbage) and practical skills (basic phrases, shopping, money, trains, ticket machines), etc. Karen will provide video clips and Dan will be your host. Link
BushidoSatoru Nakanishi 2/2/21 This webinar will introduce the concept of Bushido and explores the possibilities of Bushido to be employed as a spring board for our proclamation the Gospel in the Japanese culture. Link
Asian American Issues in Missions to JapanAriel LeeAriel Lee explains the issues that Asian American missionaries face in Japan RJC Webinar April 6, 2021 Link
The need to give both the gospel and ourselves in evangelism with Japanese peopleDan IversonLink
Preparing Japanese to Return from the Start Liz JeggoIn this webinar we will explore why it is so hard for Japanese to live as Christians or to continue seeking after they return to Japan, and think about what those of us sharing the gospel with Japanese overseas can do to make this transition easier for them. Link
Toward Gospel Access for AllDawn Birkner This Webinar will give you a sense of the settings, corresponding needed actions, and variety of approaches and roles through which the whole body of Christ can bring gospel coverage to each area and leave behind or sustain permanent local gospel presence for all living in the 1650 municipalities of Japan still lacking an initial church. Link