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RJC Resources Messages

Luke 10Yuichiro NakanoRJC Conf Pacific Northwest 2009Link
Passion For MinistryJohn MehnRJC Conf. 2006Link
Plenary SessionTeruo SaoshiroRJC Conf. 2007 AudioLink
Plenary SessionSunao ShimadaRJC Conf. Northern Cal 2007 - Bi-LingualLink
John 4Masashi SugitaRJC Conf. Midwest - 2009
MessagesTsuneyoshi TakedaRJC Conf. 2008 Japanese & Bi-lingualLink
MessageHisashi TateishiRJC Conf. 2008Link
Plenary SessionSteve HokeRJC Con. 2006Link
Evangelism in The Book of ActsKen MilhousRJC Conf. 2007-AudioLink
Plenary MessageDaniel KikawaRJC Conf. 2007-AudioLink
Lost Souls/ Prayer And The HarvestHiroshi IkedaRJC Conf. 2010Link

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