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RJC Resources – Evangelism

Pre-EvangelismPre-Evangelism To Evangelism-Laying A Firm FoundationLiz GodwinPNW RJC Conf 2016Link
Pre-EvangelismSetting the Table For The GospelCam CaughlanPNW RJC Conf 2016Link
MediaAnime EvangelismTim IngleRJC Conf 2011 AudioLink
FamiliesReaching Japanese FamiliesTetsuya & Mari FukusakuRJC Conf. 2008-AudioLink
Evangelism 101: What's The Big Deal About Asking Questions?Sylvia RamquistRJC Conf. 2013-AudioLink
WomenOutreaches To Women That Provide Entrance To The ChurchSue OlsonRJC Conf. 2007Link
TestimonyExperiential ApologeticsSteve SakanashiRJC Conf. PNW 2009Link
Evangelism MessageSetsu ShimizuRJC Conf. 2013Link
Why Is It Difficult For Japanese To Believe The Gospel?Saku KurodaRJC Conf. 2005Link
LiteratureEvangelistic Literature ToolsRoald LidalRJC Conf. 2011 AudioLink
Effectively Sharing The Gospel With JapaneseRichard NakamuraRJC Conf. 2012 AudioLink
Developing A Relationship With JapanesePerry GibsonRJC Conf. 2008 AudioLink
Media EvangelismUsing The Arts
Creative Approaches
Reaching Japanese with Gospel
Paul NethercottRJC Conf. 2014
RJC Conf. 2010
RJC Conf. 2009 Midwest
Creative Approaches- Reaching Japanese With The GospelPaul NethercottRJC Conf. 2010 AudioLink
YouthReaching Japanese Young PeopleNoyuri SugitaniRJC Conf. 2007-AudioLink
YouthHow To Reach The Younger Generation and How to help Them GrowMari FukusakuRJC Conf. 2013Link
Church-Based Youth OutreachMari FukusakuRJC Conf. 2010-AudioLink
Networking For Effective Ministry Among Japanese Leighton ChinnRJC Conf. 2005-AudioLink
Evangelism With The Ear: Ministry of ListeningKen YabukiRJC Conf. 2013 -Video, Audio Link
ConversionProcess For Japanese Coming To ChristKen MilhousRJC Conf. 2011 AudioLink
How To Share The Gospel With JapaneseJohn WhitehouseRJC Conf. 2005Link
MinistryPassion For MinistryJohn MehnRJC Conf. 2006 AudioLink
Returnees and EvangelismJack & Keiko MarshallRJC Conf. 2011 VideoLink
MessageLost Souls
Prayer And The Harvest
Hiroshi IkedaRJC Conf. 2010 Audio
Evangelism In The Big Picture 聖書的な実を結ぶ電動
Go KanedaRJC Conf. 2013 AudioLink
LiteratureJapanese Evangelistic Literature ToolsDon RegierRJC Conf. 2011-AudioLink
Culture Specific EvangelismDaniel KikawaRJC Conf. 2007Link
How The Gospel of Grace Meets The Needs of JapaneseDan IversonRJC Conf. 2014 AudioLink
Global 30: Exiting Ministry Opportunities for ReturneesDan BrannenRJC Conf. 2011-AudioLink
Power Of Emotions In Evangelizing JapaneseAndy MeekoRJC Conf. 2013-AudioLink
Media Reaching, Saving, Discipling & Mentoring Through New MediaAndy GameRJC Conf. 2013-AudioLink
AlphaEvangelizing Japanese Through AlphaAndy GameRJC Conf. 2007Link
Why So Difficult for Japanese to Become ChristiansTetsuo KagiwadaSeminar in JapaneseLink

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