Discipleship/Christian LifeTitlePresenterDetails Link
Challenge of Being Christian in Non-Christian CulturesRyoiichi TakadaRJC Conf. 2014-AudioLink
Difficult Cultural Practices Christians FaceDaniel KikawaRJC Conf. 2014-AudioLink
Discipling and Growing Healthy Japanese ChristiansTony SchmidtRJC Conf. 2013-AudioLink
Discipling ESL ChristiansDon UrquhartRJC Conf 2015 AudioLink
Experiential ApologeticsSteve SakanashiRJC Conf. 2010- AudioLink
Growing in ChristTetsuo KagiwadaSoCal Conf 2010-Japanese- AudioLink
Helping Japanese Develop A Christ-Centered IdentityMarianne MurphyRJC Conf. 2005-AudioLink
How To Read The BibleSatoru NakanishiRJC Conf. 2011- JapaneseLink
Lessons from Outstanding Christian LeadersIzumi ArakiRJC Conf. 2011-AudioLink
Making Church Attenders Into Christ's DisciplesRichard NakamuraRJC Conf 2015 AudioLink
MentoringMayumi PohlRJC Conf 2016 VideoLink
Mentoring Within The Japanese MindIzumi ArakiRJC Conf 2015 AudioLink
Notable Christians Who Influenced JapanRoberta PeabodyRJC Conf. 2011-AudioLink
Preparing And Effective TestimonyBarry WalkerRJC Midwest Conf. 2009Link
Recycling Our PainHajimu FujiiRJC Conf. 2009-JapaneseLink
Transformation Of The Inner ManTakako MolgardRJC Conf. 2014- Audio JapaneseLink
How To Disciple JapaneseBarry PotterRJC Conf. 2005Link
Facing The Tough Issues for Japanese ChristiansKanji FukiRJC Conf. 2005Link