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Culture and Religion

Culture and ReligionTitlePresenterDetailsLink
Cultural Barriers to GospelNaoko BrownRJC Conf. 2013, 2015Link 2013
Link 2015
Concepts Affecting Japanese Worldview and National CharacterAnne CresciniRJC Conf. 2015-AudioLink
なぜ日本人は福音を受け入れずらいのかTetsuo KagiwadaRJC Conf. 2015-Video Japanese onlyLink
Buddhism and ChristianityHirokazu MatsuokaRJC Conf. 2014-AudioJapanese & English
Japanese Only
Difficult Cultural Practices Christians FaceDaniel KikawaRJC Conf. 2014-AudioLink
Christianity and Cultural Context (クリスチャンと文化背景)
Challenge of Being Christian in Non-Christian Cultures
Ryoichi TakedaRJC Conf. 2014-AudioLink
The Gospel In A Shame-Based CultureBruce YoungRJC Conf 2008Link
「進化論に対する3つのキリスト教的創造論の紹介」 Three Different Christian Theories of Creation in Response to Secular Evolutionism (Audio)Kanji FukiRJC Conf 2013Link
Christian HistoryFollowing The Example of Ukon TakayamaHiroyasu IwabuchiRJC Conf. 2011 Audio JapaneseLink
BuddhismBuddhism and Christianity (Japanese & English)Hirokazu MatsuokaRJC Conf. 2014Link
Buddhism Buddhism and The Japanese WorldviewHarold NetlandRJC Midwest Conf. 2009Link
Japan From The Outside InDennis PetersRJC Conf. 2011 AudioLink
Japanese Ceremonies, Rocks or FertilizerTakeshi TakazawaRJC Conf. 2010 AudioLink
Culture Clash: Why Japanese and Americans Seem Rude to Each OtherDarien ReinmanRJC Conf. 2013, 2009
Understanding The Gospel Seed In Japanese CultureHiroshi TsukiiRJC Conf. 2010Link
Buddhism and Japanese WorldviewHarold NetlandRJC Midwest Conf. 2009Link
Santa Clause & CultureDaniel Kikawa/ Go KanedaRJC Conf. 2011Link
Preparing A Japanese MatsuriDaniel Kikawa/Go KanedaRJC Conf. 2011Link
Culture and EvangelismDaniel KikawaRJC Conf. 2007 Friday NightLink
Cultural Barriers to BeliefGordon KanedaRJC Conf. 2006Link
Overcoming Barriers To The GospelGordon KanedaPNW Conf. 2016Link


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